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The Best Time To Book International Flights Out Of Canada Has Been Revealed & It's Now

June and October are the worst times to book flights to an international destination.

When planning a long vacation or a quick getaway, the month and even the exact day that you actually buy a plane ticket can either cost a lot or cost a little. Shopping sales can get tricky so any booking tips could go a long way. It turns out the best time to book flights in Canada to save you some money is now.

Skyscanner Canada, a travel company dedicated to making travel simple for people, revealed a bunch of tips for getting the best value when you book a trip.

If you want to have an amazing getaway this year, you might want to think about buying a plane ticket right now. 

According to their travel data, booking an international flight in February is your best bet at not spending a lot of money.

You could save more than 20% compared to the most expensive times for booking, which are in June or October.

Also, travelling in the off-season can lead to a lot of savings.

On top of being a good month to book, February is one of the best months to travel domestically. You can save an average of 19% versus jetting off in August, the most expensive month.

So if you don't mind a winter getaway, now could be a great time to explore Canada.

When it comes to how far in advance you should book a flight, you're likely to find the lowest fares three to four weeks before the travel date.

That means if you want to escape for March Break, now is a great time to book international and domestic flights.

"Our data shows that Canadians can get great savings if they book right now – whether it's for an extended trip abroad or a weekend away in a neighbouring province," said Juliano Lopez, head of research and insights at Skyscanner, in a news release.

Unless you find a sale, booking months in advance can actually be more expensive.

That advice doesn't apply to accommodations though. Booking a hotel room at the last minute can cost you 20 to 25% more than the average cost of a room.

The best days to book for travel depend on the trip you're planning.

You can usually find the cheapest domestic flights when you plan to fly on a Sunday and the cheapest international ones on a Thursday.

Friday is the most expensive day for flights within Canada while Monday is the priciest for international ones.

For hotels, you can expect to save 10% when booking hotels in our country on a Tuesday and 11% when doing so for international destinations.

If you want to explore the true north this year, the most expensive month for domestic travel is July so try and steer clear of travel during that time.

In addition to these days and months where you can find savings, it can't hurt to also shop sales.

Carriers like Air Canada often run deals and right now you can find spring break ones and South American ones. 

WestJet is also having a sale for its birthday until March 2 with one million seats discounted to over 100 destinations.