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A Canadian Island Full Of Baby Seals Was Just Named One Of The Best Trips Of 2020

An icy island of baby seals!
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Best Trips For 2020 Include Seeing Adorable Baby Seals On A Quebec Island

It's time to start planning your 2020 vacation and National Geographic has you covered. The travel publisher's list of top destinations for the year has just one in Canada. The best trips for 2020 include seeing adorable baby seals on a Quebec island.

The Magdalen Islands in Quebec are officially one of the best destinations across the world for people to visit in 2020. National Geographic recommends travelling to the Magdalen Islands to experience the natural beauty of the landscape and the baby seals.

"Best Trips is our annual list of where to go, what to know and how to see the world in the year ahead," said George Stone, executive editor of travel at National Geographic, to CNN.

The list features 25 destinations from all over the world that have significant and essential travels for 2020 when it comes to culture, cities nature and adventure.

The Magdalen Islands are all about nature.

Travelling to the Magdalen Islands in 2020 is essential because of the sea ice and the seals who are born there. National Geographic said that travelling there now is a must to "see a beautiful but diminishing world of ice—and the harp seals that depend on it."

Four different species of seals can be found around the islands including the harp seal and the gray seal.

The harp seals require stable sea ice for their pups to survive.

Walking on that sea ice to be able to see those pups is something National Geographic recommends because "when you walk on sea ice, it’s easy to forget that there’s an ocean below you."

So take in the frozen landscape with fresh snow, blue skies, cold winds that sound musical and those adorable pups. 

While they talk a lot about the ice, you can travel to the Magdalen Islands all year round. 

There are lots of things to in every season like bike riding and kayaking in the spring and summer and warming up with a hot coffee in the fall.

But in National Geographic's opinion, seeing newborn seal pups in the winter is one of the best things the Magdalen Islands have to offer, especially harp seal pups.

"The young seals are one of the most captivating creatures on the planet, with obsidian eyes, charcoal nose, and cloud-soft fur," said National Geographic.

For the best chance of walking on the sea ice and seeing seal pups rolling around in the snow, National Geographic recommends going in February and March. 

There are many excursions available to get out and see the pups, even a week-long diving expedition, and a ton of places to stay like hotels, B&Bs, cottages and campgrounds. 

If you've been looking to discover parts of Canada you've never seen before, the Magdalen Islands have National Geographics stamp of approval.

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