If you've ever dreamt of venturing to Maui to taking a refreshing dip under the waterfalls, you're not alone. However, you don't have to venture thousands of miles because you can get the next best thing in right here in the South. One of the best waterfalls in Tennessee cascades into a sparkling green pool and it's the perfect nature hike for social distancing.

Your travel plans this spring may have been foiled, but if you look on the bright side, you can still experience these adventures without straying far from home.

Hidden in the depths of the Tennessee forests lies tropical-esque falls and swimming holes that will make you feel like you actually are on vacay after all. 

Among these wonderous natural treasures is Greeter Falls in the Savage Gulf State Natural Area. This land is 15,590-acre scenic wilderness spot in Altamont.

You can transform social distancing into a positive experience by taking a journey solo on this serene hike. The rapids drop over a 15-foot upper ledge and then plunge over massive 50-foot lower falls.

As you approach your destination, your ears will be met by the consoling sound of heavy cascades pouring into aquamarine oasis ideal for taking a delightful dip. 

Some may agree that this sparkling pool resembles the rejuvenating swimming spots found throughout Hawaii. 

The moderate trail will lead you on a 3.2-mile round-trip loop so your trek won't be too long or exhausting. 

You'll find markers indicating the path to the falls, which are only a half-mile from the trailhead and can be reached by descending a metal, spiral staircase. 

Greeter Falls

Price: Free

Address: Greeter Falls Rd., Altamont, TN

Why You Need To Go: Make the most of social distancing by hiking solo or with a friend to these superb falls that pour into pools of natural, aqua wonder.

We strongly advise that before you go swimming or visit any location, you check the most recent updates on potential hazards, security, water quality, and closures. If you do plan to visit a location, respect the environment.