Wow. We're shook to the core. Photos were just released online from a super steamy photoshoot that featured the one and only, Beyonce. Oh, and Jay-Z too. 

Beyonce and Jay-Z are currently on their their second tour together and fans can't get enough of them. On The Run II is a giant success. It looks like Jay and Bey created this steamy photoshoot in celebration of their latest tour. 

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According to XXL, the Carters are putting together a tour book for their concerts and it looks like a few pictures were leaked online.

In the first photo, Jay Z and Beyonce are laying across an old dusty looking hotel bed. Jay is smoking a huge cigar while Beyonce tries to solve a crossword in the newspaper (basically naked). This photo definitely has a Thelma and Louise, on the run kind of vibe! 

#TSRBaeWatch: #TheCarters enjoying that good cuddle weather 🍰👀 (Swipe)

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The second photo is much more intimate. Beyonce and Jay are completely naked on the same hotel bed. Jay Z is cradling his wife and holding her close to his chest. It almost has a sad emotion attached to this photo.

Their tour has been super successful so far. Fans are elated to see the happy couple back on stage together. According to reports, Jay-Z and Beyonce have made comments about the elevator incident, shown videos of their secret vow renewal ceremony and much more!  

We can't wait to see more from this super steamy "On The Run" inspired photoshoot! Keep killing it Bey and Jay!