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Tina Knowles Opens Up About Beyoncé And Solange Going To Counselling When They Were Kids

Tina Knowles, Beyonce's mom opened up about her daughters and how they dealt with Queen B's uncontrollable fame at such a young age. It turns out, Tina actually put Beyonce and Solange in counselling to help them get along.

We all know that Beyonce, from a young age, was a superstar. We've all seen the videos of her singing on stage, and she's always been insanely talented. Her younger sister, Solange is also a musician but doesn't receive the same stardom that her older sister does.

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Apparently, Tina Knowles knew that this could be a problem for the singing sisters, so she put them in counselling when they were kids. She told People, it helped them get along and deal with Beyoncé's growing fame.

Even though Tina received backlash from her family, she continued to put them in counselling. "I took them to counselling so that, very early, the counsellor could help Beyoncé be more sensitive to Solange." 

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Beyoncé became more adapt to her younger sister and made more of an effort to support her, as a result, Beyoncé's fame "didn't affect [Solange] as much because she has so much support and positive reinforcement from her sister and us."

Tina also talks about how she would make sure that the daughters knew they were both equals in her eyes. During Beyoncé's fame, she would take Wednesdays off of work to dedicate them to Solange. 

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In the end, both girls gained high self-esteem. "I just spent a lot of time teaching my girls not to be insecure just because there was another girl around because you are the most beautiful thing going. I think that's really important." 

Well, now it makes sense why Beyoncé and Solange are so successful! Their mama, Tina prepared them in the best way possible!