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Beyonce Is Giving Out Free Concert Tickets For Life To Fans, But Only If You Go Vegan

Queen B will also give you tickets to Jay-Z's shows if you're up for the challenge.
Beyonce Is Giving Out Free Concert Tickets For Life To Fans, But Only If You Go Vegan

How far would you go in order to see your favourite artist in concert? Some fans have done some seriously crazy things to get the attention of celebrities, including insane tattoos, rampant tweets, and even downright stalking. If Beyonce is one of your favourite artists, you're in luck! In order to get her attention (and tickets to her concert), you don't need to do anything too crazy - you just need to go vegan!

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Just yesterday, 'Yonce posted the above photo to her Instagram, encouraging her over 123 million followers to click the link in her bio and learn more about their green print. As an added incentive, she also teased that there's potential to win free tickets to not only her concerts but also Jay-Z's for LIFE!

Sounds like a pretty sick deal, right? If you've ever tried to score tickets to the shows of either of these talented artists, you would know that even nosebleed seats cost you a pretty penny, and that's something not everyone can afford. One thing most of us can afford though, I'm sure, is the task of going vegan.

In a conscious effort to save our planet, many people have been picking up the vegan lifestyle, or even just making the effort to consume less meat. Beyonce herself isn't a full on vegan, but she practices eating plant-based meals for breakfast, and avoiding meat on Mondays.

So, what do you think? Would you be willing to give up meat for a chance to see Bey and Jay in concert?

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