Move over, 'dad bods', 'mom haircuts' are in and they look damn fantastic. 

There's no better time than the start of a new year to change up your look, and if you were unsure up until now, let Beyonce and the hair gods guide you. You're going to want to copy her mom cut. Right. Now. 

Yesterday, the fearless beauty chameleon blessed the Internet with new shots of her blunt bob in a photo series on her website. In place of her thigh-gracing strands, Queen Bey revealed she is now rocking a lob. It's unlike any cut we've ever seen on the superstar mom, and it's definitely our 2018 hair inspiration. 

Beyoncé ❤️💛

December 27, 2017

If you're thinking this haircut looks familiar, it is. Unfortunately, Bey is not the first to sport this jaw-grazing look. The blunt cut was a directional hair trend on the runways this year, turning up at shows like Balmain in the Spring 2018 lines.

So if the short-haired models left you asking the question: To lob, or not to lob? Beyonce has your answer. And the answer is definitely 'lob'.