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Beyond Meat Bacon Could Soon Be Coming To Canada

The product is currently in development.

Beyond Meat has been taking Canada by storm this past year as plant-based burgers and breakfast sandwiches seem to be the newest trend. With a variety of restaurants and fast-food chains already providing a variety of Beyond Meat items, consumers throughout the nation just can't seem to get enough of the plant-based substitute to meat. Just when we thought Beyond Meat couldn't get any better, plant-based bacon was just announced, the ultimate Canadain breakfast staple. 

According to the Financial Post Chief Executive Officer of Beyond Meat Inc. Ethan Brown states that plant-based bacon is currently in development with plans to be released in the future. However, an exact launch date for this product has not been released. 

This new product would allow consumers to be able to get a taste of the perfect breakfast food without the meat.

Beyond Meat has been known for creating plant-based products that taste exactly like the real product, allowing vegetarians or those who wish to cut meat out of their diets a healthy alternative. Due to the rave reviews of all the other products that Beyond Meat has released, it's safe to say that this product may taste just as amazing as regular bacon. 

Right now, Beyond Meat currently sells its plant-based burgers and sausages in more than 30,000 supermarkets, restaurants and other venues around the world. 

Both Tim Hortons and A&W have both recently started to serve Beyond Meat breakfast sandwiches as well as burgers across the nation, and Canadians just can't seem to get enough of them. 

This new Beyond Meat Bacon would go perfectly with the Beyond Meat breakfast items that already being sold in both of these fast-food franchises, that only currently offer a plant-based sausage patty. 

According to the Financial Post, discussions between Beyond Meat and potential customers for the new bacon product are already underway, as many restaurants and fast-food chains want to have their hands on the product as soon as possible. 

While we have to wait for this delicious breakfast item to officially become available, Beyond Meat bacon sounds like it will be the perfect Canadian meat alternative! 

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