Bianca Andreescu Just Opened Up About Her Fast Fame & Somehow She's Still So Chill

She knows she has no filter :)
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Bianca Andreescu Just Opened Up About What Makes Her Special & Its So Heartwarming

It has been a few months since Bianca Andreescu took the tennis world by storm, becoming the first Canadian to win the U.S. Open. Since then, Andreescu has become a national icon and has been credited for reinvigorating Canada’s interest in tennis. She’s made $6 million, she’s inspired thousands of people to pick up the tennis racket, and she's even got Drake sliding into her DM’s, but what exactly is it that makes Bianca so unique?

According to Tennis World, Andreescu recently opened about what makes her so unique: "I can start with my game style; I think I play different than most players on the tour and it’s given a lot of difficulty for them when I play them, so I think that’s one.”

“I guess just the things that I wear, how I act on camera, off-camera. I think I’m like pretty funny, sometimes I have no filter which I think is very… like other people can connect with that and vibe with that."

"So, I just try my best to work as hard as possible during practice and just work on myself as a person and try to just fake it ‘til you make it really, I really live by that quote. And I’ve been doing that a lot through visualization.”

“People have to realize that you just have to be yourself out there because everyone else is taken. I know that’s a cheesy quote, but it’s true,” she added.

Of course, while Andreescu sees herself as funny with no filter, the tennis player is also known for her Canadian tendencies. 

Back in September, Andreescu was even caught apologizing after she won the US Open against Serena Williams. Stating, "I know you guys wanted Serena to win, so I'm so sorry."

While Andreescu is quickly climbing the ladder of fame, this heartwarming and humble answer to what makes her special showcases just how grounded the tennis player still is. 

Andreescu lost her second straight match against a top 10 opponent on Monday, October 28, 2019, in her debut match at the WTA Finals against fifth-ranked Simona Halep in Shenzhen, China.

Bianca, who ranks Number 4 in the world, which is a record for Canadian women, recently loss a quarter-finals match against Naomi Osaka at the China Open in Beijing earlier this month.

Patrick John Gilson
Toronto Staff Writer
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