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Fans Defend Bianca Andreescu’s Mom After Chrissy Teigen's Tweet About Her During The Final

"My mom's a straight G. I will never be that cool," says Bianca.
Fans Defend Bianca Andreescu’s Mom After Chrissy Teigen's Tweet About Her During The Final

Bianca Andreescu's mom, Maria, was notably a bit reserved during her daughter's historic U.S. Open win this weekend. The cool, calm and collected lady with her now-famous dark sunglasses and big hair has become somewhat of a viral sensation during her daughter's rise to Grand Slam victory. Chrissy Teigen even tweeted about it after noticing Bianca Andreescu's mom at Saturday's final match. 

People were quick to check Chrissy, however, after she got a bit carried away with commenting on Maria Andreescu's appearance. 

Maria Andreescu is the chief compliance officer at an investment firm in Toronto. She is also credited with teaching Bianca mindfulness and how to meditate, a skill that has undoubtedly helped her maintain such composure during some of those tense matches. 

“My mom introduced me to [meditation] when I was really young,” Andreescu said in an interview with the Women’s Tennis Association earlier this year. “I was maybe about 12. Ever since then I have been meditating and I do a lot of yoga."

“I don't only work on my physical aspect. I also work on the mental, because that's also very, very important," Bianca added. "It's definitely showing through my matches where I'm staying in the present moment a lot of the time. I don't like to focus on what just happened or in the future.”

Bianca has also called her mom "the coolest person I know."

Maria's hilariously reserved reaction to her daughter's win may actually have been a strategic move. It is generally looked down upon in the sports world to have overly rowdy parents at a match. That is probably why her parents, who were obviously thrilled, had such a calm demeanour during the whole thing.

After the match, though, the Andreescus were all big hugs and tearful smiles.

Even though the response to her daughter's big win may have not been what Chrissy Teigen would do, Canadians had her back.