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Here's Everything You Need To Know About Tennessee-Born Wrestler Bianca Belair EST

Many of us haven't watched WWE or RAW since we were in middle school (with a possible few episodes in high school). New wrestlers are being introduced to the ring every season, each better than the last. Well, there's a wrestler who is winning the crowd over and is making some real noise. Bianca Belair EST has the stage presence of a winner and the skilled, tactical moves to match. 

Bianca Belair is a 30-year-old wrestler who first stepped foot into the WWE ring in 2016. She has slowly been building her reputation and finally made her way into the Women's Royal Rumble where she made record-breaking history.

The Royal Rumble (January 26) consisted of 10 women each fighting their hardest for the title. Bianca lasted 33:20, the longest any competitor has lasted in a royal rumble. She was eventually eliminated by Charlotte Flair (daughter of Ric Flair), who won the overall match. 

Even though Charlotte was victorious, this record-level longevity made many people ask, "Who is Bianca?"

Born Bianca Blair, the hair-whipping, Knoxville, Tennessee native made her way onto non-wrestling Twitter, and people are loving her energy and overall fun-loving vibe. 

The former track star graduated from the University of Tennessee, with a full-ride athletic scholarship. Though Bianca was pushing to become an all-American runner, she was diagnosed with a shifting rib syndrome, intercostal chondritis, that benched her from running.

However, this didn't stop her back-up plan. Belair researched and was soon recruited by the NXT vertical of the WWE in 2016 and made her first in-ring appearance in the summer of 2016. 

Bianca declares herself "the fastest, the quickest, the strongest" and so far, given her recent matches, she has proven herself right. 

Even those who don't follow wrestling are enjoying this influx of content from wrestling fans on Twitter. This past Wednesday's episode of WWE has many relating to Bianca's reaction to being pushed by Charlotte as she confronted Rhea Ripley.

"Yoo Bianca Belair just has one of those moments," a Twitter user pointed out relatably.

FanSidedDDT tweeted, "Bianca Belair stepping right between Charlotte Flair and Rhea Ripley and letting The Queen know 'you can't whoop me' is the kind of confidence we all need in 2020." 

With more fans flocking daily to Bianca's antics and very hilarious monologues, the wrestling future of this millennial athlete is looking very bright.

Bianca currently lives in Orlando, Florida with her RAW wrestler husband Kenneth Crawford (stage name Montez Ford), and still actively visits her family in Knoxville. 

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