If you haven't visited Big Bend National Park yet, then you're missing out on undeniably one of the most beautiful spots in all of Texas. The massive park has everything from canyon hiking to river kayaking to discovering hidden waterfalls! Another beautiful and wondrous sights found in Big Bend is the incredible Grapevine Hills Trail that leads to these perfectly balanced groups of rocks that will leave you completely mind-blown! 

The Grapevine Hills Trail is one of the more easy trails to follow on your adventure within Big Bend, as its only 2.2 miles for the roundtrip trail. There aren't too big of slopes or upward climbs, so you can enjoy the scenic views and natural wonders without being an expert hiker or climber. 

This beautiful trail leads up to a cluster of mind-blowing balanced rocks in the heart of the stunning Grapevine Hills. The giant balanced boulders rest at the top point of this trail, giving you a satisfying conclusion to your nature hike. The rocks are incredibly tempting to climb up on, but be careful of your footing and look out for any wildlife! The rocks are totally climbable, but please only attempt this if you can do so responsibly.

The National Park Service warns all hikers to watch out for snakes while on this and other Big Bend hiking trails. They also recommend all hikers bring plenty of water and proper hiking clothes, to keep everyone safe.

The Big Bend National Park is the perfect place to explore all year round, offering the most beautiful views in every season. You can cool off in the summertime in their stunning kayaking and swimming spots among the incredible canyons, or you can camp out for the perfect fall evening.

Grapevine Hills Trail

Price: $30 Vehicle entry fee

Address: Big Bend National Park, TX, USA

Why you need to go: This stunning Big Bend trail has the most incredible collection of balancing rocks and the most stunning views in Texas.