Will the show go on? Big Brother Canada has been continuing production as planned despite COVID-19 concerns across the globe. But frustrated crew members have reportedly started to give up their jobs. They are still required to come and go from the house despite demands for social distancing and staying at home.

Season eight of the Canadian series began on March 4, and houseguests have been sequestered together since.

Just one week later, the virus was deemed a pandemic by the WHO. On March 15, the guests were told about the severity of the spread worldwide by executive producer, Erin Brock.

One of the first steps taken to ensure the safety of the BBCAN team was eliminating live audiences on eviction night, which was announced on March 12. 

Earlier this week, Insight Productions shared a statement assuring viewers of the extra safety precautions in place for houseguests. 

According to Global News, Insight wrote, "The safety of the crew and house guests is paramount to Insight and as such we are taking every precaution to ensure a healthy set and workplace. Many additional practices have been implemented including, but not limited to, placing sanitizers at every entrance; daily professional cleaning and disinfection of all edit suites, control rooms, studio spaces, and offices; elimination of the live audience; adjusting the creative so that more staff can work from home, etc."

They continued to write that crew members are checked for symptoms on a daily basis to ensure they're all in good health.

However, that isn't enough for some crew members who are required to come and go out of the house, located in Toronto. As social distancing protocols dictate, people should be staying home as much as possible and any non-essential services should be suspended.

According to The Logic, a source close to production claims that "Many crew members quit on Sunday, according to the source. Others have remained, the source said, because they don’t want to lose their eligibility for employment insurance."

The Logic writes that there are 60 crew members listed as part of the production. The source went on to say that though houseguests were briefed on the events happening in the outside world, the updates were apparently "sugarcoated."

The measures outlined in the statement from Insight Productions also only got "put in place on Sunday 'after a bunch of people quit,'" per The Logic's source.

Before that, production was also busy with concerns inside of the house. Last week, Jamar Lee and Kyle Rozendal were eliminated from the house. Production claims it was for two separate reasons related to improper conduct which broke house rules. Yet some viewers were unsatisfied with that excuse and felt they were left in the dark.

This week, we find out whether guest Carol Rosher will get her wish and be voted off so that she can return home. But tensions are rising because most of the house is intent on getting Minh-Ly Nguyen-Cao out.

Right now, it's unclear whether production will continue. In the meantime, you can catch new episodes of Big Brother Canada every Wednesday at 7 p.m. and Thursdays and Sundays at 8 p.m. on Global. 

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