The Final Episode Of BBCan Might Have Included The Most Emotional Scene Ever (VIDEO)

The contestants have taken their final bow.
The Final Episode Of BBCan Might Have Included The Most Emotional Scene Ever (VIDEO)

The contestants have taken their final bow. Big Brother Canada aired their final episode of season 8 last night and it was emotional for both the contestants and viewers. Although it was revealed last week that the season would be cut short due to COVID-19, viewers were able to witness the houseguest’s moving reaction to being sent home early.

Contestants were interrupted by an announcement asking them to gather in the living room during yesterday’s episode.

The houseguests had been informed of the pandemic in the episode prior where they also received reassurance that their families were all safe.

Executive producer Erin Brock started by explaining that she had “some difficult news.” Brock went on to update them on measures that had been put in place demanding the automatic “shutdown of all non-essential businesses” in Ontario.

She confirmed that the new protocol meant the “end of production of this season of Big Brother Canada.”

The guests were asked to take comfort in the fact that their time on the show had provided a “much-needed distraction and comfort to Canadians all across the country during this crisis.”

Many houseguests broke down in tears over the news that their dreams of winning Big Brother Canada had been snatched away from them. Others were in shock over the severity of measures that were being taken in the outside world.

They were left comforting one another in the living room with the warning that they’d be returning home the following day.

You can watch the emotional scene below.

Arisa Cox then virtually paid the houseguests a visit, announcing that because there is no winner of the season, they’ve decided to donate the $100,000 prize to COVID-19 efforts.

Although viewers have had mixed feelings over the direction season 8 had been going in, many took to Twitter to express how emotional they were after watching the final episode.

Big Brother Canada had only been airing for two weeks before it started to feel the effects of the global health issue. They first announced that the show would be taping live evictions without an audience. That was followed by the statement that production was taking all precautions to keep the crew and cast safe.

There has yet to be any news on whether or not Big Brother Canada will be returning for a season 9.