'Big Brother Canada' Houseguests Are Aware Of COVID-19 But Production Will Continue

The slop is still on!
'Big Brother Canada' Houseguests Are Aware Of COVID-19 But Production Will Continue

The slop is still on! Big Brother Canada provided fans with an update on production amid the COVID-19 pandemic last night. According to the series, all houseguests are aware of the current situation, however, the production of the reality show will continue as normal.

In a previous announcement on the show’s official website, production company, Insight Productions, came forward to instill “precautionary measures” when it came to Big Brother Canada audience members.

As of March 12, their live studio audience was cancelled.

They cited that, “the health and safety of the staff, crew, houseguests, and audience members are of the utmost importance.”

Providing an update on their current situation, they’ve informed the public that “the houseguests have been provided with a thorough update on the domestic and international status of COVID-19.”

Despite the series' strict rules banning contact with anyone outside of the Big Brother Canada house, showrunners have also provided the remaining houseguests with “an update that all houseguest’s family members remain unaffected by COVID-19.”

They were also given the opportunity to receive letters from home despite the traditional rules.

Although the houseguests have technically been in isolation for a total of three weeks, a doctor was brought in as a precaution and declared that no houseguest was showing signs or symptoms of carrying the virus.

According to the official announcement, houseguests have made the decision to remain in the game themselves. Insight Productions claims that they will continue to be monitored and will be enforcing extra sanitary protocols.

As of right now, Global along with the production company has decided to continue with regularly scheduled episodes as they “continue to monitor the situation closely.”

The next episode of Big Brother Canada airs Wednesday, March 18 on Global.