A "Big Brother Canada" Contestant Was Self-Evicted Last Night & Viewers Are So Upset

His decision wasn't very "super."
A "Big Brother Canada" Contestant Was Self-Evicted Last Night & Viewers Are So Upset

Someone is always watching and last night those viewers were anything but happy with what they saw. Big Brother Canada had their first houseguest eviction planned for their March 6 episode but things took a turn when a contestant up for elimination decided to self-evict. Now, fans of the reality show are sharing their dismay over the situation on Twitter.

It was announced during the season premiere, earlier this week, that the four people who would be considered for eviction would be chosen by the results of a poll put out by Big Brother Canada.

The poll had Canadians voting for their favourite players based on their short character bios.

According to the results, contestants Susanne Fuda, Nico Vera, Chris Wyllie, and Minh-Ly Nguyen-Cao were Canada’s least favourites, forcing them to compete in games that tested their strength and memorization.

When it came down to just Fuda and Vera left up for eviction, host Arisa Cox let the house know that the ultimate superhero quality was about to be put to the test. They would have to get their fellow houseguests to vote for their safety in an upcoming house vote.

Not being able to take the pressure, or justify the time he would spend worrying in the 24 hours leading up to the vote, Vera decided to self-evict.

While the rest of the house was supportive of his decision and wished him all the best, viewers of the show thought his decision was more selfish instead of “super.”

They called the move Nico made “inconsiderate,” a “slap in the face,” and a “spit in the face” to those who would give anything to be a houseguest on season 8.

People even went as far as to say, “@BigBrotherCA never should have casted Nico.”

He was even titled a “loser” while another user compared him to Howard the Duck, “Good idea but instantly flopped.”

One Canadian went as far as to say he would “hate to be that guy’s boss.”

Others just couldn’t comprehend why he would even self-evict, “Why Nico make a decision to walk themselves out of the game? When is the last time that they Walked from the House of #BigBrotherCanada or #BigBrother?”

The episode also teased the beginning moments of the season’s first Head of Household competition. The remaining 15 contestants were tasked with throwing a basketball while jumping off of a trampoline in order to score the most amount of points.

Viewers can tune into Big Brother Canada March 8 on Global TV, to find out the results.