You feel him? Big Brother Canada's Jamar Lee was evicted from the house one week before production shut down due to COVID-19. He just spoke out about season eight's abrupt end and in typical Jamar fashion, it was hilarious.

The 23-year-old from Ajax, Ontario left the Big Brother house early last week, and Thursday's episode addressed his shocking removal. 

Producers shared the news with fellow houseguests during the episode, which left Lee's showmance partner Minh-Ly Nguyen-Cao in tears. It seems she wasn't the only person upset, because fans claimed they would stop watching after he left.

Fellow evicted houseguest Micheal Stubley took to social media to share his disappointment with Lee's removal. Stubley from Prince George, B.C. got evicted by a house vote the week prior.

Big Brother Canada producers followed Lee's removal with another one right after. 

Kyle Rozendal was sent home with the same reason from producers who cited a breach of house rules. That left more fans furious who felt they didn't get a proper reason for either guest's removal. 

Now, after three weeks in the house, Global and Insight Productions announced they must end the season because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The announcement came just hours after we learned that some crew members quit the show on Sunday as they felt it was unsafe to continue coming and going from the house.

Lee had a few words to say about the end of production. In an Instagram story, he said, "You know they locked off the season, hope everyone gets home safe. But let's be real, the season was done when I got cut. You feel me? Don't be stupid, stop playing with me, you guys already know." 

Shortly after, he posted a photo of him and Micheal Stubley entering the BBCAN house. He added the caption, "KING SHIT!! Season 8 lockofff!! Real winners! Stop playin wit us!! s/o all the fans and supporters of jamicheal!! What a season!!! @michealstubley #yafeelme #bbcan8".

Stubley reciprocated with a heartfelt post writing, "Unfortunate to hear the cancellation of #bbcan8, but we are living in a very unpredictable world.. The health of our loved ones and families is really what’s most important to us right now and that’s what @bigbrotherca has shown us."

He continued, "I really didn’t expect to make Big Brother history in becoming the only evicted house guest in a season, but I’m so thankful for the fan support, the people I met, and the crew I had. This season has truly been more than just entertainment for everyone watching as it’s been an example of standing up for what is right. Much love from Jammers and I @kiingjam #JAMICHEAL #bigbrothercanada #season8".

You can catch the last two episodes of season eight of Big Brother Canada on Wednesday, March 25 and Wednesday, April 1 on Global. 

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