Hello, houseguests! If you’ve found that there’s a reality TV void in your life as of late, we’ve got some good news for you. A Big Brother mobile game is on the way, and it will allow you to play the beloved game from the comfort of your own home.

Recently, it was announced by Endemol Shine Group (the company behind the TV series) that they’ve teamed up with 9th Impact to develop Big Brother: The Game, a new app that will be available on both Android and iOS later this year.

“Players can become virtual housemates, experiencing life as a ‘Big Brother’ contestant. They must make strategic choices, in order to remain in the house and ultimately become victorious. The skill of the game is social, psychological, and interpersonal,” a statement from the developers reads.

Users will be able to play the game in one of two ways. The cost-effective option is to be a free-to-play Spectator, but you also have the option to play as a Housemate. It’s currently unclear how much one can expect to dish out in order to compete in the game.

In their statement, Endemol Shine Group also announced that those who choose to play as Housemates will be competing against others worldwide for a “life-changing prize fund”, so paying to play may just be worth it.

“This project was an ambitious undertaking and we needed a partner who had the vision, the capability and the creativity to deliver something truly unique that would both appeal to strategic gamers and delight Big Brother fans,” Anil Mistry, Director of Gaming & E-Commerce said.

This news is particularly exciting for Canadian fans of the hit series. Season eight of Big Brother Canada was unfortunately cut short earlier this year, with only one actual eviction happening in the house.

An official release date and further details surrounding Big Brother: The Game have yet to be released, but fans can expect to see the mobile app launched globally sometime in 2020.

In the meantime, you can stream past seasons of Big Brother Canada on the show’s official website.