If you've thought about mentoring a young person in your area, this could be the perfect chance. As of right now, Big Brothers and Big Sisters Victoria is short on volunteers and they need a little help. Altogether, they need volunteers for 100 kids in the Greater Victoria area.

According to Victoria News, there are currently 100 kids on the waitlist in the Greater Victoria to be matched with a Big Brothers and Big Sister mentors. 

The executive director with the organization told Victoria News that a lot of these families are living in poverty and some have even experienced the loss of a parent. Some also struggle with mental health. 

Right now, the organization is feeling a sense of urgency around finding mentors. 

The BBBS website states that volunteers can range in age from 19 years old and up. Senior citizens can even apply. 

In order to be considered, the organization explains that you must exhibit behaviours that model honesty, trust, and respect. 

Having a genuine concern and interest for youth and children is also a must. 

There are several different mentor programs you can pick from that range from community-based programming to girls-only groups. 

If you're looking for a job in support work, counselling, or childcare, volunteer experience always makes a resume sparkle.

Each program has a different set of skills and requirements but generally speaking, the volunteer must be able to commit to an entire year. 

The activities you do with your youth can vary and be anything from puzzles and games to physical activity and working towards healthy self-esteem. 

Once you have submitted your application with an attached criminal record check, you will receive a one-on-one interview that takes about an hour and a half. 

The Quesnel Observer has released a series of interview questions that include discussing your favourite activities, asking how many hours you can commit to and what age of child you would like to work with, and if you want to help a child explore a certain type of skill. 

Should you get through, there is required training so be prepared for a day-long orientation session based on your program. 

Once that is finished you will receive your notice of screening results and be matched with a child that is on the waitlist. 

BBBS has stated that because of limited staff, applications can take up to 12 weeks to process so don’t be alarmed if you don’t hear anything right away.

But it's not just Greater Vitoria that is searching for mentors. 

In 2019, several BBBS groups around the province including Quesnel and much of Northern B.C. were in search of positive role models, says CKPG Today.

In addition to volunteering with the BBBS organization, Vancouver Island is looking to recruit "poop fairies” to help wolves in the province. 

If helping is your thing but you are looking to get paid, consider applying with the Canadian Border Services.

They are hiring agents in B.C. and Alberta starting this month as well as Ontario