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Canadians Think YouTuber Binging With Babish Just Ruined Poutine

At least he tried.
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Binging With Babish Poutine Misstep Isn't Sitting Well With Canadians

Poutine seems like it would pretty easy to make, right? It's just french fries, cheese curds and gravy so it can't really be messed up. Turns out it can! The Binging With Babish poutine misstep isn't sitting well with Canadians but the YouTuber expected the reaction. 

The popular YouTuber Andrew Rea is copping some heat from Canadians on his online cooking channel Binging With Babish after he posted a video today of him making poutine. 

He knows what the basic ingredients are, fries, cheese curds, and gravy, but he didn't exactly use the right ingredients when he took his stab at the dish.

The fries and the gravy weren't horrible. He cut up and fried the potatoes himself, no store-bought fries for this guy, and he even made his own gravy. 

But despite that, his poutine has one very serious flaw.

Those cheese curds you see on the plate aren't actually cheese curds. Shocking, we know. 

It's actually pieces of mozzarella that he rips off and shapes into a ball. Though he claims the lack of authentic cheese curds is just because he couldn't find any.

"I know this is a really lame substitute but sometimes you don't live in Wisconsin or Quebec," he said. 

Despite admitting to his wrongdoing with the cheese curds, people still had lots to say about his take on poutine. 

After the video was posted in a Quebec subreddit, the reactions, originally written in French, started pouring in. One user said, "His fries look excellent. Without the good cheese, it's not the same. Hard to evaluate a sauce without tasting but the visual is clearly not thick enough. 5/10."

from Quebec

Another said "mozzarella. That's a no."

from Quebec

Someone else wrote that "it's flat that he does not have real cheese, but as he said, you can not have it anywhere."

from Quebec

One person was a little nicer about the absence of actual cheese curds but had a different opinion than most on the french fries and said "I would never put as much salt on a poutine's fries, but he probably did that because he used his own sauce. Do that with any sauce you bought at the grocery store and you'll end up with a couple of kidney stones."

from Quebec

It seems that Rea knew his poutine was going to get some mixed reviews from Canadians. In the comments section of the video, he asked, "Okay so how mad are Canadians at me on a scale of 1-10? I think the exchange rate makes that a US 1-7 though..."

This poutine-making effort probably isn't the greatest thing on YouTube because of his cheesy misstep but he asked for our Canadian forgiveness. So, because of his honesty, and just to be polite, we might just forgive him. 

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