This Easy Alabama Hike Leads To A Massive Cascading Waterfall

One of the tallest in the state!
Desoto Falls Easy Alabama Hike Leads To One Of The State's Tallest Waterfalls

You don’t always have to trek for miles through Alabama’s wilderness to reach breathtaking sights. While some may feel the views are best-earned from a tough hike, there are plenty of short and relaxing trails that take you to some of Alabama’s most gorgeous natural wonders. This easy hike leading to DeSoto Falls is one such experience, and you should totally add it to your summer bucket list.

One of the tallest waterfalls in the state , DeSoto Falls cascades downward from 107 feet in the air. Open every day during daylight hours, you can access this stunning three-tiered waterfall just off of Lookout Mountain Parkway.

The path is short, encompassing just a several hundred yards, and it's even paved. While visitors of all physical abilities can reach the upper falls, the main and lower falls require walking downstairs to reach. You'll trek down about 50 concrete stairs down to the railed outlook.

At the waterfall’s base, guests can rest at the DeSoto Falls Picnic Area where you can even grill up your lunch beside these stunning waterfall views.

The DeSoto State Park is found in the Fort Payne area of Alabama, along the route of an amazing scenic drive , and also home to another breathtaking nature sight, the Walls of Jericho .

If you find you’ve had your fill of waterfall gazing, you can explore the area by kayaking, hiking, bouldering, cycling, and more. There's even a nature center at the park featuring interactive programs with animals.

They're also known to host events and workshops covering a wide variety of interests such as art, science, nature, history, and more. While many of them are free, but some charge a small fee.

You can admire the falls from afar at several different outlooks, but the picnic area is only $4 per vehicle and totally worth being able to see it's flowing gorgeous glory up close.

DeSoto Falls

Price: $4

Address: 7104 DeSoto Parkway NE Fort Payne, AL

Why You Need To Go: Experience one of the state's tallest and most gorgeous waterfalls by this easy trail.

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