This Spooky Tour Will Take You To Birmingham's Most Haunted Places

Time to get your spook on!
Haunted Places In Alabama Can Be Explored On Ghost Tours In Birmingham

It’s never too early to start getting pumped for Halloween — and if someone tells you it is, then you know who the first person you’re going to want to spook is. The deep south has no shortage of creepily cool places full of history and adventure, and one company seems to totally get the obsession. If you're looking for haunted places in Alabama to explore, this tour company in Birmingham will take you all around the aged city to some of its most historic and gruesome sites.

The Birmingham Historic Touring Company (BHTC) has a penchant for all things strange, dark, and unusual, and they offer curious explorers the chance to take part in both their driving and walking tours.

Their main tour will take you on a two-hour walk back through Birmingham’s dark history to the sites of riots, murders, and haunting historic events.

If you’d prefer to explore in style, you can check out their Ghost and Graveyards Driving Tour, where you’ll find a seat on the Grand Caravan and check out the city’s only Antebellum mansion, hidden graveyards, as well as historic theatres and hotels that all claim their own fair share of hauntings.

Along with cemeteries and churches, BHTC also takes you through the chilling rusted tunnels of Sloss Furnace, where many a ghost hunter has said to have seen apparitions and heard bits of the past that are still alive within its pipes.

Other tours will take you to the clandestine red-light district of Birmingham’s old taverns and brothels. You can even book a tour that explores the Civil Rights Experience, covering topics that may be considered harsh such as marches, bombings, and social constructs.

Walking tours typically last 1 to 2 hours depending on the specific sites you’re visiting, and you can book them for $25 a person.

Ghost stories are fun alone, but they’re always better when you can experience them in person! Get your spook on and add Birmingham Historic Touring Company's eerie adventures to your exploration bucket list.

Birmingham Historic Touring Company

Price: $25

Why You Need To Go: Explore Birmingham's history and get in touch with its spooky side!

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