You Can Get Lost In A Natural Stone Maze At This Alabama Park

Explore secrets caves and tunnels!
Monte Sano State Park Hiking Trails In Alabama Through Rock Maze Are A Must Visit

There's no shortage of amazing sights to experience while hiking in The Heart of Dixie, whether you're a seasoned adventurer or just lacing up your very first pair of hiking boots. If you’re looking for a new trail to shake things up on, Monte Sano State Park's hiking trails in Alabama are a must. Short and moderate in difficulty, the Stone Cuts Trail specifically will take you through a hidden world of stunning limestone caves and tunnels.

The seasoned hikers and nature lovers of Exploring Alabama explain in detail the various color-coded routes you can take through park, but its Stone Cuts Trail, marked by white on the park map, that you’ll want to focus on.

The trail is a moderate-level loop, about 3.5 miles long. These adventurers measured their time at about 3 hours one way, but it also depends on how many detours you want to take, your skill level, and break times.

The limestone formations hold secret caves, underground streams, and deep sinks, some of which are visible from the loop. You could spend hours taking in all the sights and exploring the different routes.

New sights and cavern paths await your discovery around every corner, so you’ll definitely want to revisit this stunning park to really explore all the hidden wonders it has to offer.

You can explore Monte Sano State Park year-round, but make sure you finish up your exploring at least thirty minutes before sundown.

The park has a $12 entrance fee, and you can even get an annual park pass for $100 if you see yourself being a frequent visitor.

Whether you're wanting to camp overnight or take a day hike, there are so many incredible sights to explore at Monte Sano State Park!

Stone Cuts Loop

Price: $12

Address: 5105 Nolen Ave. Huntsville, AL

Why You Need To Go: Explore hidden caves, tunnels, and trails of rocky wonder at Stone Cuts Loop!

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