You Can Pick Your Own Blooms For $1 In This Sea Of Sunflowers In Alabama

A sea of sunshine!
Alabama Farm The Sunflower Field Lets You Pick Your Own Blooms For $1 Each

Nothing quite screams summer like blossoming flowers of golden hue. At this Alabama farm, The Sunflower Field will surround you in a sea of sunshine. With single stalks for $1 or a souvenir basket for $10, you can take home a bundle of summer without breaking the bank. With over 500,000 blooms across almost 25 acres, you can sink hours into this sea of sunflowers — and might even look forward to losing yourself in the moment.

The yellow flowers usually hit their peak between June and July, so add this Alabama gem to your summer bucket list!

You'll find this sunshiney spot just off of Alabama State Route 14, stretched along the highway. The gates to the property are left open specifically for visitors to come enjoy the beautiful blooms.

If you're not looking to head home with any flowers, you can even frolic for free, taking the best summery photos, and browse tasty fruits and veggies from their fresh produce selection.

Todd Sheridan, the owner and farmer of the field, told in an interview that after an aerial photographer shared a video of his field from above, people started flocking to visit the flowers in person.

2020 will be the sixth year the Sheridan family has planted sunflowers, and the fifth year of them being open to the public. The stalks can grow up to six feet tall and also serve as a popular spot for proposals, senior portraits, and even maternity shoots.

Professional photographers can come and shoot at the property for just $20.

In addition to sunflowers, the Sheridans sell a variety of homegrown produce, which includes watermelon, cantaloupe, yellow squash, bell peppers, cucumbers, and much more. Nothing quite adds to a homecooked meal like fresh veggies.

Todd starts planting seeds each May; since they bloom for about two weeks at a time, he separates them in two fields, which will open at different times.

Enjoy the summer sun in a field of actual sunshine, and grab some fresh produce while you’re there! Bring your boo or BFF and you suddenly have an affordable day date.

The Sunflower Field

Price: $1 for single stalks, $10 for a basket

Address: 3301 Hwy 14 West Autaugaville, AL

Why You Need To Go: Grab sunflowers for $1, frolic in the field for free, and even grab some homegrown produce while you're at it!

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