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Hidden 1920s Alabama Speakeasy The Marble Ring Is Tucked Away Inside A Tardis

The experience of stumbling across a hidden gem in your town —or even the level of difficulty accessing it— can make a hang out spot even more special. It gives you that exclusive “if you know, you know” vibe. In Birmingham, Alabama, one such spot exists —but you’ll have to find it first. Hidden inside a Dr. Who-inspired Tardis telephone booth, you’ll discover The Marble Ring, a 1920s inspired speakeasy.

So if you're wondering how to get there, your first stop will be at Hot Diggity Dog’s on 41st Street South. Don't forget to stop for some delicious hotdogs before you enter the Tardis.

Within, you’ll find an antique telephone where you can dial the number listed beside it. When the hostess picks up, you can give her your info and either be seated right away or given a wait time.

If that sounds like too much work right now, you can virtually follow along on one patron’s adventure in this Youtube video.

Dapper, dark, and intimate, stepping into The Marble Ring really feels like taking a portal back to prohibition times. You wouldn’t be out of place if you donned your favorite flapper dress or bowler hat to enhance the experience.

There is even weekly live entertainment to enjoy as you sip on the various craft cocktails, tonics, and brews on the menu.

Zane Place, the general manager, told that the speakeasy was purposefully constructed with an intimate atmosphere where guests can focus on conversation and get lost with friends.

On the speakeasy’s Facebook page, the name of the establishment is explained to have been inspired by Zelda Fitzgerald, who was dubbed “the first American Flapper.”

One of her more infamous quotes, the meaning of which is still a mystery, goes, “I hope you die in the Marble Ring,” and thus the name of the speakeasy was born.

If you’re looking for a new hang out spot where dressing 1920’s fashion is still all the rage, then you’ll definitely want to pay a visit to The Marble Ring.

The Marble Ring

Address: 430 41st St. S, Suite B, Birmingham, AL

Why You Need To Go: Take the Tardis back to the Roaring 20s and enjoy a drink in an intimate speakeasy atmosphere.

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