Blac Chyna has been granted a restraining order against Rob Kardashian following a court hearing in LA this Monday. Chyna and her attorney Lisa Bloom attending the hearing while Rob did not, sending his lawyer - famous long-time family friend Robert Shapiro - in his place. 

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Chyna was able to deliver both photo and video of evidence from a dispute in April when Kardashian got physical with her in front of her son Cairo. In the video provided, Kardashian allegedly took a door off its hinges in order to prove a point. 

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Rob is ordered to stay at least 100-ft away from Chyna at all times. He is also not to post any pictures of Chyna herself, their child Dream or Chyna's son, Cairo. The custody of the two's shared child will remain joint, as neither party wants to disrupt her routine. Dream will continue to spend 4 days with Rob, 3 days with Chyna, splitting time between both parents to the best of a 50/50 ratio. 

Chyna's lawyer gave this statement to the press following the hearing: 

"The judge gave us everything we asked for, which is a set of very strong and forcible restraining orders against Rob Kardashian, restraining him from coming near her … cyberbulling … posting anything about her online of a personal nature including photos and videos. As we have said all along, revenge porn is a form of domestic abuse, it is also a crime in California and 38 other states. It is a civil wrong. I’m very pleased to stand with Chyna and Walter on this very important women’s rights issue."

Chyna herself offered this statement: “I would like to first and foremost thank the judge for granting this restraining order … I’m just going to go back to co-parenting Dream.”​​​​​​​

In a recent interview with Good Morning America Chyna details she feels betrayed and devastated by Rob's actions. “I talked to Rob about everything. The moral of the story is, he doesn’t respect me. So if you can’t respect me you have to respect the law," Chyna states. When asked if she provoked Kardashian by liking the Instagram photos of the tirade, Chyna denies it. When the reporter brings up a 'revenge pregnancy' to get back at the Kardashians after her ex, Tyga, left her for the youngest Kardashian-Jenner, Kylie, she says that simply is not true. "I was already Blac Chyna before the Kardashians," states Chyna. Noted. 

Source: CNN