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8 Of The Cheapest Black Friday Deals On The Most Popular Products You Want This Year

We did the research, now you just have to buy it!
8 Of The Cheapest Black Friday Deals On The Most Popular Products You Want This Year

Thanksgiving is upon us, but better yet it's finally time for Black Friday to swing around once again. I have to say, this year there's a huge calling for certain products and Black Friday 2019 looks to be delivering some cheap deals on them.

If you're one of the people who like to get things done and out of the way, then you need to save this list to prep for this Black Friday. Note that these deals will all be released on different days, some even live right now!

Maybe it's not even for a holiday gift and just for you. Whatever the case, we've found the most popular products people are wanting this year and got you the best and cheapest deal on them.

1. Apple AirPods with charging case (latest model)

Sale Price: $129

Why You Need It: This deal is even better then the live deal on Amazon right now, making it the cheapest Black Friday price for the AirPods.

Buy Nov. 28

2. Echo Dot

Sale Price: $22.99

Why You Need It: Echo Dot has been a hot Christmas gift for the last 2 years, and is still in the running for an easy work gift exchange or stocking stuffer.

Buy Nov. 28

3. Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Sale Price: 699.99

Why You Need It: Here's a deal that's LIVE RIGHT NOW, and a super useful gift at $260 off.

Buy Now

4. Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S Bundle

Sale Price: 50.00

Why You Need It: Chances are you can get this polaroid for cheaper somewhere else, but this bundle is too good to pass if you are new to the Instax game.

Buy Nov. 27

5. Bose SoundSport Free Bluetooth Speakers

Sale Price: 169.99

Why You Need It: This deal is live right now. I repeat, THIS DEAL IS LIVE RIGHT NOW and you can get them in so many different colors.

Buy Now

6. Apple iPad 10.2 inch (7th generation)

Sale Price: 249.99

Why You Need It: This is the biggest deal on this iPad ever, so why not get one as a treat-yo-self Christmas gift?

Buy Nov. 28

7. Instant Pot 6 Qt

Sale Price: 49.00

Why You Need It: If you are quick enough, Walmart always has the cheapest deal on everyone's favorite gift to give.

Buy Nov. 27

8. Apple MacBook Air 13.3in

Sale Price: 899.99

Why You Need It: So you've been wanting a MacBook, but you can't cough up the money. Well honey, they will always be expensive so just take the plunge on this super cheap deal LIVE RIGHT NOW.

Buy Now

Black Friday TV Mania In Walmart

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