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Black Mirror’s ‘Bandersnatch’ Came Out Today And The Reviews Are Already Ripping It Apart

The most anticipated movie isn't even a movie at all.
Black Mirror’s ‘Bandersnatch’ Came Out Today And The Reviews Are Already Ripping It Apart

Just a few short days ago, Netflix hinted at the possibility of a Black Mirror movie. Of course, with how obsessed everyone is with the series, news of a movie to go along with the much anticipated new season had fans freaking out and practically counting down the days to the release date.

The much anticipated day is finally here. Black Mirror: Bandersnatch dropped earlier today, and much to our surprise, what fans had to say about it wasn't entirely positive. In fact... the movie is already receiving plenty of critiques, if you even want to call it a movie.

Remember those 'Choose Your Own Adventure' books you read as a child? Bandersnatch is exactly like those, so don't turn it on in anticipation of sitting back and relaxing while you watch a movie. You're basically living out a movie, and making endless decisions to get to not just any ending, but the RIGHT ending.

Early this morning, people took to Reddit to talk about issues with the actual "movie" itself, saying they were having problems watching it. As it turns out, since it's an interactive movie, users need to have some sort of control over it, meaning you can't watch it simply via Chrome Cast or Screen Mirroring - you have to watch on a PC, console, or tablet. Some other users also reported having issues with watching it on their Smart TV's, despite Netflix's claims it would be accessible.

For others, accessibility wasn't the only issue. Bandersnatch hasn't received an official rating on Rotten Tomatoes quite yet, but viewers have left some reviews, and they definitely didn't hold back:

Via Rotten Tomatoes

Via Rotten Tomatoes

Viewers weren't the only ones with something to say. Film critics have already chimed in too, with Daniel D'addario of Variety saying, 

"Invention solely for its sake is dreary and surprisingly unimaginative; of all the things 'Black Mirror' could be doing, this seems, sadly, to have been the wrong path, one the show would be well served by ditching and starting its story as close to completely anew as it can."

At the end of the day, you can really only listen to what critics have to say for so long. Go check out Bandersnatch for yourself, and see just how quickly you can figure out the ultimate ending.

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