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A Black Vodka Is Now Available In Canada & It Doesn't Even Look Real

It looks cool, even without ice.
Black Vodka Made In Canada Doesn't Even Look Like A Real Thing

Have you ever been sipping a summer cocktail and thought, "I wish this looked more hardcore?" Now's your chance to make it happen, with a new black vodka that's available in Canada. The pitch dark alcohol is the result of a unique infusion.

Made in St. John's, Newfoundland, Hounds vodka is available in Ontario, British Columbia, and Quebec. 

The liquor obtains its colour (or shade if you really want to get technical) from humic and fulvic acids. These are naturally occurring molecules that break down in alkaline solutions. 

Often found in soil, it's these compounds that make Hounds vodka black as night. Far from the crystal clear alcohol that most people are used to, Hounds vodka is about as opaque as a liquid can be.

According to the company's website, the aroma of the drink contains notes of "soft wheat, vanilla, and slight citrus."

The site also offers some different recipes for anyone interested in a pitch-black cocktail (with the occasional splash of colour). These include drinks with darkly inspired names like the Black Smash and Coaly Water.

The company also lists some of its collaborators. Places like Bar Reyna, Lisa Marie, WildCraft Waterloo, and Bruce Wine Bar have all created their own specialty drinks using this unique alcohol.

While vodka is often the perfect type of booze to use for summery drinks enjoyed on a patio, Hounds vodka would almost be better suited to night-time events, or even horror-themed parties.

They have already received accolades for their entirely different approach to vodka, having taken home the bronze medal at the 2019 World Spirits Competition.

It may look a little bit imposing, but Hounds Vodka's signature black appearance will definitely impress your friends and get a few double-takes at the drinks you're serving.

If there was a black gin, you could seriously make the most goth bar cart ever.

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