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Federal Environment Ministry Approved Proposed $1.8 Billion Mining Project In BC

Blackwater Gold project will bring 1,500 jobs to BC.
Federal Environment Ministry Approved Proposed $1.8 Billion Mining Project In BC

A news report written by CBC News confirms that the  Federal Environment Ministry has officially approved a proposed mining project near Vanderhoof, BC. The mining project is expected to cost a staggering 1.8 billion dollars.

On Tuesday, April 16, CBC confirmed that the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change both approved the new costly mining project.

The project is known as the Blackwater Gold project which will be an "open-put gold and silver mine" which will be built near Vanderhoof, BC.

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The Minister of Environment and Climate Change have made it clear that they didn't approve the proposed project without a thorough environmental assessment. 

The assessment has reportedly determined that the mine would not likely harm the environment in BC surrounding the mine.

According to Vancouver Sun, the assessment reportedly set out 172 conditions that the proposed Blackwater Gold project would need to meet during the project in order for it to be approved. Some of the conditions will pertain to wetlands, fish, migratory birds and any areas belonging to Indigenous people close to the project.

The assessment also outlined that the Blackwater Gold mining project would likely create approximately 1,500 jobs during construction and 495 jobs during the life of the project.

Source: CBC News, Vancouver Sun

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