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You Can Paddle On The Scenic Backwaters Of Georgia At This Enchanting Preserve

Transport yourself to another world this summer!
Blackwater Preserve In Georgia Has Scenic Marshes To Paddle And Explore

South Georgia is not only home to natural beauty, but it also has many adventures hiding in the trees that are worth your while to explore. In a little town just 45 minutes from Savannah, there's a hidden oasis that'll take you through forest filled backwaters. You can grab your besties and load up the car for a ride down a river that'll transport you to another world at Blackwater Preserve.

You'll find the preserve situated right outside of Statesboro, Georgia. Hopping in a kayak or canoe as well as camping under the stars here will make for an ideal summer adventure.

The property sits on about 420 acres of lush landscape and Cypress Swamp. But don't head over just yet, you must call in advance to make a reservation. You won't be allowed in without one.

You can cruise down the wetlands in your kayak, gliding through an otherworldly Cypress forest as their trunks and limbs emerge from the water's inky depths.

The huge trees that surround you for the entire adventure frame the waterway creating enchanting views and the perfect nature scenes to snap for your Insta feed. It'll feel like you've been transported out of Georgia and into a fairytale.

If you happen to be a Shrek fan, this is one stunning swampy adventure you'll want to go on.

But there's so much more to explore at the Blackwater Preserve than paddling and camping the scenic backwaters of Georgia. It makes for a great escape from the city with an array of outdoor activities.

There are plenty of spots to go fishing and bird spotting while exploring the grounds, as well as the opportunity to hunt for wild game and practice your archery here.

For 4 hours of kayaking at the park, it will run you $20; if you plan to visit and stay all day, a $25 per day membership fee, or $35 monthly membership is also available.

After a long day of rowing, you can rent a campsite for just $10 a night with the sound of flowing water lulling you to sleep surrounded by nature's beauty.

Blackwater Preserve 

Price: $20 to $35 depending on which admission or membership option you choose.

Address: Call ahead to reserve your spot and get directions from your location at (912) 682-9521.

Why You Need To Go: This preserve is surrounded by huge cypress trees that'll make you feel like you're in another world. Kayak, canoe, hike, hunt, fish, go bird spotting, and more at this beautiful nature park.

We strongly advise that before you go swimming or visit any location, you check the most recent updates on potential hazards, security, water quality, and closures. If you do plan to visit a location, respect the environment.