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Blake Lively Says It's "Aggravating" When Ryan Reynolds Trolls Her On Social Media (VIDEO)

She's planning her next Instagram comeback.
Blake Lively Says It's "Aggravating" When Ryan Reynolds Trolls Her On Social Media (VIDEO)

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ Instagram trolling, while around for a while, has escalated in the past few months. The married couple has used their social platforms to tease and jokingly make fun of one another on occasions like their birthday or anniversary. Now, Lively is speaking out on how exactly she feels about her husband’s antics.

During an interview with Good Morning America, the 32-year-old actress was shown the set of unconventional photos Reynolds posted in honour of her birthday.

She was then asked how she felt about her husband using his cheeky humour at her expense, “It’s alarming to me how many of these photos he found, though, where I look like this,” she said while laughing.

She also added that he managed to look “handsome in all of them,” admitting that she has to “work on her photo face.”

Lively giggled her way through past Instagram posts, including one she posted herself that featured her with her finger in Reynolds’ nose with the caption, “I picked a good one.”

However, she did agree with host Robin Roberts that his jokes are “aggravating.”

She also mentioned that she’s already cooking something up for Reynolds’ birthday this October, “I gotta dig something up.”

You can watch the interview on GMA below.

Lively and Reynolds are parents to three girls, James, Ines, and their most recent child born this past October, who — according to Glamour — are the couple’s main priority.

Lively was at GMA’s studio promoting her new movie The Rhythm Section that hit theatres on January 31.

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