Blake Lively Just Roasted Ryan Reynolds On Instagram & We Couldn't Love Them More

They're taking trolling to a whole other level.
Blake Lively Just Roasted Ryan Reynolds On Instagram & We Couldn't Love Them More

They are on a roll! While Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have always been known for their online trolling, they've reached a whole other level over the last few weeks. The two have never been afraid to show their affection for one another through hilarious jokes and unflattering pictures, but this recent back and forth may just be too much for our hearts to handle. Blake Lively just posted a photo on her Instagram story roasting Ryan Reynolds. 

On her Instagram story, she posted a screenshot of her phone's photo albums that show a picture of Reynolds dressed as a chicken and another of herself looking very, very unimpressed. She captioned the screenshot, "It's like my iPhone captured everything you need to know about my relationship in 2 simple images..."

Because we have no context to the chicken costume it makes the entire situation even more hilarious. He could've been playing with their two daughters James and Ines (who he's been known to make parenting jokes about as well), or maybe he's just really into wearing chicken costumes. Either way Lively has taken their trolling to the next level. 

[rebelmouse-image 25949274 photo_credit="BlakeLively | Instagram Story" expand=1 original_size="840x1596"]

This all started a few weeks ago when Ryan Reynolds posted multiple photos of Lively with her eyes shut on his Instagram for her birthday. Captioning the photo a simple, "Happy Birthday, @blakelively." 

Blake also recently got flirty with her husband on the internet and had people freaking out. Underneath a photo Reynolds posted of himself promoting his new gin company, Lively commented, "Feeling very happy about my life choices right about now..." So although Reynolds may dress like a chicken sometimes, Lively seems to be able to look past the chicken suit and her annoyance. 

While a lot of their online antics are humorous, Reynolds has nothing but praise for his wife in real life. He's said many times including at the 2017 Met Gala that she's made him, "a more empathetic person." 

The couple announced that they were expecting their third child at the premiere of Reynold's recent Pokemon movie, where she wore a stunning yellow dress and captioned photos from the night, "PokeMOM...Out now."

Reynolds hasn't responded in any way yet to his wife's story but we're sure it's coming!

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