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Blue Canyon In Arizona Is An Easy Hike With Otherworldly Views

The desert is filled with hidden gems and we've found one of them. This fall, you can walk through the desert filled with tie-dyed red rocks that look out of this world. Blue Canyon in Arizona is an easy hike that has some of the best views around. 

Blue Canyon is a desert gem found in northeast Arizona in Tuba City on the Hopi reservation. The remote canyon is filled with red rock formations that have eroded into round and pointed rock pillars. You'll need a permit and guide to tour the canyon. The price of tours varies depending on group size and tour plans. You can find more information on tours here

Guided tours in the canyon are available year-round. You have to make reservations at least 48 hours in advance. When you book a tour through the Hopi Cultural Center, you'll get to learn about Hopi history and cultural sites. The easy hike to view these stunning rock formations is great with friends or your S/O.

You'll need a minimum group of two people to tour Blue Canyon, so grab your BFF, camera, and hiking boots. It will feel like you're on another planet. The rocks are varying shades of reds, whites, and grays. 

Some rocks even look like they have tie-dyed patterns painted on them. The best time to visit is fall and winter when the weather is cooler.

Usually, tours are about $145 per person with a group of at least two. Food and water are included in your tour, but it's best to also bring snacks, so plan accordingly. 

You can also schedule tours with The Left-Handed Hunter Touring Company. Whether you're looking to spend a full day or half-day touring, you and your friends will probably want to spend hours gazing at the scenery and learning about Hopi sites.

Blue Canyon

Price: Price varies depending on your tour. You can get more information on tours here

Location: Tuba City, AZ 

Why you should go: You can visit this breathtaking canyon and immersive yourself in some Native American history. When you're done you can buy a souvenir. 


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