Almost every kid's worst nightmare is thinking about their parents naked or having sex, or even worse actually seeing it happen. 

Unfortunately for Beyonce and Jay-Z's daughter, Blue Ivy, that nightmare became a reality when she had to see her parents' nude photos up on the big screen as part of their London concert. 

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The couple is killing it around the world right now on their On The Run II Tour. While everyone else in the world is super stoked about this concert, Blue Ivy seemed a lot less excited during one part of the concert, when the couple shares photos of themselves naked as part of the show. 

It's a moment in the concert that leaves little to the imagination and some fans weren't even ready for it, but no one was more unprepared than Blue Ivy. 

Thankfully someone managed to capture the exact moment when Blue saw her parents naked and in bed up on the big screen and it is priceless. 

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Anyone seeing their parents naked would probably do the exact same thing, from cringing to covering her eyes to full-on hiding. At that moment Blue Ivy is honestly all of us.

The internet agrees with people tweeting about the hilarious reaction and saying how relatable Blue Ivy is. 

Blue ivy is so dam funny yo

June 20, 2018

The On The Run II Tour has only one Canadian stop which is in Vancouver in October, where the tour wraps up.