We are super blessed to have access to one of the most beautiful mountain chains in the country. The Blue Ridge Mountains stretch along the East coast and the best part about these expansive gems is the adventure that goes along with them. The Blueridge Parkway drive is an extensive, windy road full of endless and absolutely breathtaking lookout points.

Blue Ridge Parkway, which connect Shenandoah National Park, with Great Smoky Mountains National Park, is America's longest linear road, stretching 469 miles. The parkway runs through North Carolina and Virginia so there are lots of spots to hop on America's favorite drive for a genuinely awe-inspiring road trip.

Whether you're riding solo (literally) or you bring your friends and/or your boo along, this is the perfect opportunity to roll down all the windows and blast your most epic roadtrip playlist because we can guarantee this venture is one for the books.

You can easily access the Blue Ridge Parkway in Asheville, NC and it's arguably the best place to experience the stretch because the highest point of the parkway (6,053 feet) is right near Mount Pisgah.

You can access the parkway through tons of other cities in NC including Cherokee and Boone, plus plenty of places in Virginia inlcuding Roanoke and Waynesboro.

No matter where you begin, you can't go wrong because all the views are just insane. At some parts, you'll find a large handful of lookout spots just a mile or two apart.

Along your journey, you'll find over 280 incredible lookout points of the massive mountain chain with panoramic views so wide, you'll feel super tiny. Some of these lookouts include Bluff Mountain Overlook, Lewis Fork Overlook and Air Bellows Overlook.

If you're feeling adventurous and are prepared for a little outdoor exploration, there are also plenty of places to stop and hike for even more mountain views.

While you're here, you should check out Apple Orchard Falls Trail or Yankee Horse Ridge Trail discover beautiful North Carolina waterfalls.

Fall and winter are the ideal times to hit up this paved journey of mountainous heaven because the fall foliage colors the mountain in a vibrant cluster of red, yellow and orange hues. 

The true beauty lies in the fact that you can drive instead of hike to nearly 300 of the most amazing views you'll see in your life.

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Blue Ridge Parkway

Price: Free

Address: Blue Ridge Parkway, USA

Why You Need To Go: Discover 280 breathtaking views of one of America's most beloved mountain ranges without breaking a sweat.