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Good News, Bluebonnets Are Officially Blooming In Texas

The season is just starting!

The best time of the year in Texas is officially back! While most states are excited because winter is ending and warmer weather is right around the corner, for Texans, the end of winter means one very important thing, it's bluebonnet season! Bluebonnets are now blooming in Texas and the fields look breathtakingly pretty.

Bluebonnet season usually begins in March and lasts for several weeks through April. This means there's plenty of time to see the Texas' State flower, it isn't even the peak of the season yet.

While bluebonnets can be found throughout most of the Lone Star State, there definitely are some areas that have more fields of blue than others.

Seemingly endless bluebonnets can be found in the Texas Hill Country. Fields near Brenham are always a solid go-to for when you want to take the obligatory annual bluebonnet pictures (they're a must if you don't want to get your true Texan status taken away). 

The small Northern Texas town of Ennis is the Official Bluebonnet City of Texas, and not surprisingly, it is one of the best places to go to be surrounded by the prettiest flower.

While towns like Ennis and Brenham are some of the most popular spots to go to to see Bluebonnets, they can be found on the side of roads in different areas of the state, including big cities like Houston, Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio.

The flower spreads so quickly all across the state, you're sure to find a patch or two even walking distance from your neighborhood home or down the long winding Texas roads.

The time for spending a weekend day scouting for the perfect spot, pulling over on the side of the highway, and posing in the flowers for pictures or attempt to have your puppy pose for pictures is back!

However, if you want to make sure the flowers are in full bloom, they probably won't be until April which is great, there's no rush to see them before they're gone. 

Bluebonnet season has just begun and there's still plenty of time to plan out and have your first or fifteenth trip out to visit the fields and take this year's Bluebonnet photos.