You can finally see our national animal up close. Many of us can go our entire lives without seeing Canada's iconic beaver aside from it being on nickles. But we know of a secret trail where you are likely to spot several. You can visit cute beavers at the world's longest freshwater boardwalk in Alberta.

The Beaver Boardwalk is a three-hour drive from Edmonton in Hinton, and worth every minute in the car. What makes this site truly incredible is just how extensive the boardwalk is.

There is nothing else like it. There are approximately 3000 meters made of 20,000 boards to explore. So, it isn't a lacklustre trail that is over in just a few minutes, it's an adventure.

The walk is perfect for anyone, as the trail is nice and flat. But this isn't a spot to rush and get in a quick jog.

You'll want to take your time as cross the marshland, as you are likely to spot the beavers that call this spot home. But there are so much more than just aquatic rodents with flat tails.

You can see white-tailed deer, coyote, elk, foxes, ducks and even moose. Each time you go, you'll most likely see new adorable creatures that live in this beautiful landscape.

To help make sure you don't miss a thing there are interpretive signs everywhere to explain the unique flowers, birds and animals in the area.

Plus, within the park, you can visit multiple observation points, with Instagrammable views. There is even one to help you enjoy the peaceful water of Maxwell Lake.

What we love is there are several benches along the route too. If you wanted, you could always take a seat and watch the fuzzy animals all around you.

Next time you are looking for something to do, why not check out this area with your best friend?

Beaver Boardwalk

Price: Free

Address: 408 Collinge Rd., Hinton, AB

Why You Need To Go: You can see cute beavers while you take a relaxing walk.