This Thanksgiving, there's a lot to be thankful for. The food on the table, your family & friends, & all the memories you've made throughout the years — but what about the people who shaped our worlds with light, like the wholesomeness of Bob Ross & The Joy Of Painting series.

The half-hour program that first aired in January of 1983 through May of 1994 touched the hearts of many looking to learn the wet on wet oil technique from Bob, painting their own mountains & happy little trees.

The majority of the painter's works on the show included dreamy mountains, cabins, & snow with reflective lakes, but it was always a treat when the artist would switch it up — as he did on Nov. 28th in 1990 when he decided to paint Florida in the 21st season of The Joy of Painting.

Ross used his contact paper product, meant to create unique & dynamic artworks, cut in the shape of the Sunshine State, painting inside of it a stunning little beach scene.

He backdropped his sparkling sands & crashing wave with the most perfect sunset. Being a Florida native, it's no surprise that Ross perfectly captured the vibe of what it means to be a beach bummin' Floridian.

Seeing him work his magic with every stroke towards the final product is the most satisfying, but watching Bob paint is easily one of the most relaxing things too.

You can be thankful for the painter & watch Bob paint the entire thing he titled "Florida's Glory" from Season 21, Episode 13 below.

The fact that Ross is a Floridian native is something we residents wear proudly; like a badge of honor that one of the most wholesome people to grace the earth came from a place known for its Florida Man headlines.

Few people know that you can actually learn to paint like the king of wholesomeness at one of the only original Bob Ross artist workshops & galleries in New Smyrna; Ross is also laid to rest in a cemetery near Orlando, where you can actually go visit his grave.

It may be sad that he's gone, but visitors make sure that his joy doesn't die, leaving colorful flowers & art at his gravestone.

While the late painter may not be able to make anything new, watching him paint the same things over & over still brings us joy.

His series can easily be found both on Netflix & Amazon Prime Video, and we think we know what we're throwing on in the background while we eat our Thanksgiving Turkey today. 

Thank you, Bob Ross, for spreading your happy little vibes to the world through the Joy of Painting, both then & now.

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