A different kind of reality TV! TikTok has grown to become a huge phenomenon in the world of social media, and Canadian Boman Martinez-Reid is absolutely killing the game. With nearly 1 million followers, he gave Narcity the inside scoop on how his 60-second reality TV videos have turned him into a viral star.

In an exclusive interview with Narcity, Boman, or as his fans know him, Bomanizer, discussed how his Vanderpump Rules inspired TikToks came to be.

When explaining the thought behind the creation of his mock segments, Boman explains, “What if I made a TikTok about a reality TV episode or scene but the premise is so incredibly stupid?”

With over 12 million likes, the Toronto student admits he never set out with the intention of getting famous. However, it turned out to be so much more. Boman revealed he goes to school for media production and he “wasn’t setting out to make reality TV TikToks, I was just making TikToks just to make TikToks.”

After his friends gave their stamp of approval, he continued to release the highly popular skits weekly, “Then I just kept making them because of my friends. Like my friends loved them.”

Although he’s still shocked he’s racked up a fanbase of almost 1 million, he guesses that his viewers love the videos so much because they can relate, “They [TikToks] were relatable, which I think is why people were drawn towards them.”

With his high-quality video and perfect camera angles, he believes his success could also be because of his production, “I see a lot of comments of people being like ‘Your production value is so high’ and it means a lot to me. I want it to seem like a real show.”

He admitted to Narcity, though, that that type of perfection doesn’t come without a lot of commitment.

“It’s a lot of work to make. I’m still doing it all by myself. My friends and family are in the TikToks but it’s still all me conceptualizing it and making it.”

The sixty-second videos take the internet sensation nearly an entire day to brainstorm, film, and edit before it’s released to the world.

However, the hours of dedication all contribute to one of his biggest goals, “My life dream is to have a show one day. My own show on Netflix... like that would be incredible.”

His online fame has even started crawling into his everyday life. And for good reason!

“I went on a walk the other day and right in front of my house someone was like ‘are you Bomanizer?’ She was older than me which took me back because I would expect it to be a younger person. She was like ‘oh my god you’re so cool’.”

His TikTok audience doesn’t just stop with his followers, the Canadian has got support from some pretty amazing celebs.

He dished about the time a major star gave him a retweet, but also revealed that other major TikTok stars giving him love is “the best.”

“I think Elizabeth Banks retweeting my video was really really cool. You know what though, the comments from other TikTokers that I take inspiration from like Brittany Brooks, the kombucha girl, are the best.”

He’s also gotten hyped up by YouTuber Shane Dawson’s best friend Garrett Watts, “I was like ‘Oh my god, what if Shane Dawson saw my TikTok?’.”

Away from TikTok, Boman also dabbles in music production. With a YouTube channel full of original songs and videos from his band Roast Town, he says fans of his music can expect more in the coming months, “The future is funky.”

You can check out Boman’s original music here.

Looking at how much the creator has grown over the past months with no plans of stopping, there’s no predicting what the future holds. One thing is for sure, this TikToker is ready, “I’m very excited.”