It seems like every other week, there's some new major celebrity beauty fad going viral. Whether it's the hottest new hair extensions, micro-bladed eyebrows, or lip injections, it can be pretty hard to keep up!

If you're wondering what the latest trend is, you might wanna prepare yourself, because this one sounds pretty comedic. It seems that as of late, some major celebrities have taken to developing what we'll call "boob beauty routines".

In case you were wondering, having a boob routine isn't actually a bad idea, or something that just rich celebrities can do! It's actually a great thing to do to maintain great breast health and stay looking and feeling your best. 

Here's what some of our fav celebs do as part of their boob beauty routines:

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Gorgeous model Ashley Graham has great skin, there's no denying that. It turns out that before the recent Met Gala, she went all out to look her absolute best. Graham actually got her nose hair removed with a laser (because you never know what angle the paps will catch you from), and got a full body oxygen facial so she glowed from cheeks to chest!

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It turns out that even popular feminist, Emma Watson is in on this whole boob beauty thing! Her go-to product is none other than Boob's Essential Oil, an all-natural product that you massage into your breasts daily! It's not only a great method of self-care, but it's also the perfect reminder to do regular self-exams.

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Jessica Simpson's bust has been the subject of speculation for many years, and the girl spends some serious money to ensure they stay looking great! It's rumoured that she has one of the most expensive routines in the industry, spending over $50,000 on lifting creams and breast massages.

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Queen B is pretty flawless, but nobody can look that good without a little help! There's no doubt that she killed her recent, much anticipated Coachella performance, but you've got to wonder, how does anyone look that good while performing their ass off in front of a massive crowd? It turns out, Beyonce's makeup artist, Sir John, applied budge-proof body makeup to not only her arms and legs, but also her boobs! Who knew?!

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This obviously wouldn't be a list about boujee beauty routines if Kim Kardashian West wasn't on it. With all the provocative photos Kim posts on IG, you'd figure that we might at least see a stretch mark or two from time to time, but no such luck! Kim actually recently revealed on her app that after giving birth to North back in 2013, she received a laser treatment on her breasts to remove the lines!