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BC's Campsite Bookings Start This Week & It's Locals-Only For The Summer

Most campgrounds will open after June 1.
Booking Campsites In BC Starts This Week & It's Locals-Only For The Summer

Summer almost here and many of us can't wait to get outside and look at something other than the four walls of our apartment for a change. You can start booking campsites in B.C. starting this week, but there's a twist — only locals will get to go. With campgrounds opening up in the coming weeks, now's the time for people to secure their spots.

Starting Monday, May 25, B.C. locals can start booking campgrounds in the province, according to B.C. Parks. You can book your trip on their Discover Camping webpage.

However, according to an online statement, "BC residents will be given preferential access for the 2020 camping season."

"New reservations made after May 25th found to be made by non-BC residents will be subject to immediate cancellation without refund," reads a statement on their site.

They continue to say that anyone from outside B.C. with an earlier reservation should reach the call centre for a full refund by Monday, June 15.

B.C. Parks said the decision to make camping just for the province's residents was made to support "staying local and avoiding unnecessary travel."

The booking is starting in advance of the official campsite opening date of Monday, June 1, when most of the provincial campgrounds and backcountry camping will be open. 

B.C. Parks says that while they're working hard, some parks and campgrounds won't be ready in time for that opening date. Other sites at "high-density campgrounds" will stay closed until further notice.

For a full list of the parks with set opening dates, you can visit their website for more details. You'll be able to book trips up to two months in advance, according to B.C. Parks.

The locals-only stance only applies to campgrounds for now; B.C. Parks says "intra-provincial travel is not restricted," but they "encourage those who wish to visit BC from out-of-province to visit us another year."

This move isn't unique to B.C. either. Alberta also made camping strictly locals-only while announcing that they're opening campgrounds on Monday, June 1.

Our province has so many gorgeous trails, hikes, and natural landmarks that it could make you wonder what you're doing at home.

Now that summer's finally here and restrictions are gradually getting lifted, we can finally get out and make the most of west coast living.

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