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Border Agents Are Being Allowed To Search Your Phone Pretty Much Anytime They Want To

Going though the border and having to talk to border agents is really stressful. You don’t want to say or do the wrong thing and end up being detained for hours and hours on end.

Usually when you get to the border you mainly have to worry about what you say and what’s packed in the bags you’re carrying with you.

But did you know that border agents can do more than just ask you questions or search through all your luggage if they feel they have reasonable grounds to do so?  

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They can also search your phone for pretty much any reason it turns out.

Right now there is no policy stating when border agents are allowed to search a person’s phone so it’s entirely up to the people working there.  

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The most common reasons they would ask to search your phone apparently are because of the way you behave towards them, the way you answer one of their questions, if the tags on your luggage don’t match what you tell them about your trip.

They also might search your phone at the airport if you bought your ticket at the last minute because that’s seen as suspicious behaviour.  

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The reason they’re allowed to as to see your phone for such a broad number of reasons is because it allows them to deal with imminent threats more quickly apparently.

So just be aware the next time you’re at the border that it’s not just your luggage that could be searched your phone could too. 

Source: Global News