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Boston Pizza Is Giving Away 10,000 Free Pizzas In Canada For Leap Day Today

There's also discounted cocktails!
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Boston Pizza Leap Day Promotion Is Giving Out 10,000 Free Pizzas Across Canada

Since there is an extra day on the calendar this year, there will be an additional 24 hours to do stuff like lounging around the house or going out to get some freebies. The Boston Pizza leap day promotion is giving away 10,000 free pizzas across Canada, and you can even get discounted cocktails too. If you're looking for a cheap night out to end the month, look no further!

On February 29, Boston Pizza and J.P. Wiser’s are teaming up to give out 10,000 free pizzas across Canada.

To celebrate leap day, and the extra 24 hours we will get this month, the deal aims to bring people together for some delicious and affordable food and drink.

To take advantage of this offer, all you have to visit their website and enter your information to get a promo code.

When ordering a J.P. Wiser’s product at participating Boston Pizza locations, you can then present your code and get a 10” pizza at no cost.

"We want to celebrate the gift of the 24 additional hours we have this Leap Year and encourage friends to get together through our partnership with Boston Pizza,” said Rebecca Lyttle, the assistant brand manager for J.P. Wiser's.

As part of the promotion, the Canadian whisky company’s Old Fashioned will also be on special offer for just $6.

You can only take part in this deal if you’re of legal drinking age, and you must be dining in at the restaurant with at least one other person.

The promo code can only be used for one visit and if you’re dining with friends who also have a code, you can’t use more than one voucher per party.

You can find a location near you by clicking here.

According to a survey conducted by J.P. Wiser’s in 2019, "93% of Canadians wish they could see their friends more often," and more than 80% said they felt happier after seeing an old friend.

"As Canada's pizza leader, we know that no food brings people together quite like pizza does," said Peter Blackwell, senior vice president of marketing and communications with Boston Pizza International Inc.

Free Leap Day Pizza

Price: Free with a J.P. Wiser’s product

When: Saturday, February 29

Why You Need To Go: Eating a pizza that you got for free while sipping on a $6 whisky cocktail doesn’t sound like a bad way to spend those extra 24 hours this year!

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    Trending Senior Staff Writer
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