Boston Pizza's New Pizza Poutine Is The Best Canadian Invention Since Ketchup Chips

The new dish is going for $12.49 and serves three.
Boston Pizza's New Pizza Poutine Is The Best Canadian Invention Since Ketchup Chips

Canadians love their pizza almost as much as they love their poutine. However, combining the two together results in a somewhat undignified-looking creation. It's hard to make pizza, french fries and gravy look appetizing on the same plate, but it seems that one restaurant chain has mastered the art. Boston Pizza's Pizza Poutine has arrived and the dish is a must-try.

Boston Pizza's Pizza Poutine is a complete reversal of the concept first laid down by the poutine pizza trend, and boy does it ever look tasty. Boston Pizza’s new menu item is less of a Frankenstein mashup of two delicious things and more of a unique spin on an iconic Canadian dish.

According to Boston Pizza's website, Pizza Poutine features crispy seasoned French fries with pizza spice, melted Canadian pizza mozzarella and sliced pepperoni, oven-baked to perfection. The dish is served with a side of the franchise signature pizza gravy.

And it looks like the internet is eating it up:

While prices will vary by location, Canadians looking to try this dish can expect to pay around $12.49 for an order of Pizza Poutine. You can get the item at participating locations for a limited time only. So, stop procrastinating and treat yourself! It’s pizza poutine, for crying out loud!

Narcity reached out to Boston Pizza for more details on the delicious dish and will update the story when we hear back.

Patrick John Gilson
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