17 Slang Words You Will 100% Hear In Boston

This article's a wicked pissah.
17 Slang Words You Will 100% Hear In Boston

Bostonians have an undeniably distinct accent. Even if you've never stepped foot in the city, you've seen the movies. The Departed, Good Will Hunting, Mystic River, Ted - all solid representations of the city's recognizable (and highly imitated) linguistics. But aside from dropping the Rs (chowadah = chowder), pronouncing multiple words as one (howahyah? = how are you) and adding Rs back on to words where they shouldn't be (soder = soda), Boston has a few slang terms that might require further definition.


Definition: Synonymous with "very" or "really." Used to describe add emphasis to an adjective.

Sentence: There's no chance I'm leaving the apartment today, it's wicked cold.


Definition: A native to neighborhoods in the Boston area, like Charlestown and Dorchester.

Sentence: The bar was packed with townies.


Definition: A liquor store.

Sentence: I'll be over in ten, just gotta stop at the packie first.

Bubbler (pronounced bubblah)

Definition: A drinking fountain.

Sentence: If you're thirsty just go grab a sip from the bubblah.


Definition: Boston's favorite coffee shop, Dunkin' Donuts - also referred to as Dunkin'.

Sentence: I'm stopping at Dunks, anyone want anything?

Cellar (pronounced cellah)

Definition: The basement.

Sentence: I can't find that old box anywhere, will you go check down cellar?

Grinder (pronounced grindah)

Definition: A sandwich or a hoagie.

Sentence: I'll pick up a couple of grinders for lunch.

Supper (pronounced suppah)

Definition: Dinner.

Sentence: I think Johnny's coming over for supper tonight.

Bang a Uey

Definition: AKA, take a U-turn.

Sentence: Drive past the gas station and bang a uey.


Definition: Garbage bin or trash can.

Sentence: Can you throw all that in the barrel, it's a mess in here.

Clicker (pronounced clickah)

Definition: The remote control.

Sentence: Hand me the clicker, this show is awful.

Parlor (pronounced pahlah)

Definition: The living room.

Sentence: Everyone's in the parlor watching the game.

The Pike

Definition: The Massachusetts Turnpike.

Sentence: It's not far, just take the pike.

The Cape

Definition: Cape Cod.

Sentence: We're going to the Cape for the weekend.

No Suh

Definition: As in, no sir. An expression of shock or disbelief, like "no way?!"

Sentence: No suh, that did not happen!

Yah huh

Definition: The correct response to "no suh,"

Sentence: Yah huh it did happen!

The Hub

Definition: Boston = the hub (and not beantown). Comes from 19th century Oliver Wendell Holmes description of Boston State House, "the center of the solar system."

Sentence: I can't wait to get back to the hub, it's been way too long.