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21 Creepy Towns In New England That Aren’t Salem

You down for some ghost hunting?
21 Creepy Towns In New England That Aren’t Salem

Some people love all things spooky and scary. Hello, this is your month! You should be embracing it and loving it. And find people who support you in this because once December hits (or even late November), you'll have to be the one listening to the people who are obsessed with Christmas.

You can head to all the Halloween stores to choose your costume and to buy decorations, but is that the only thing to get you into the spooky spirit? No. Not even by a long shot. 

Drag your friends — the brave ones — along for a road trip. And maybe don't tell them that you're about to hit up some of the creepiest towns in New England. What they don't know won't hurt them, right? 

So scroll through this list and see what scares you thought most. After all, it's all about facing your fears because life would be boring if you didn't! And make sure you bring along your phone or camera. You're going to want to make sure you document anything weird you might see...

Boston, MA

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Listen, evil spirits don't only occupy small towns! Boston is known for having creepy and haunted buildings because there are several ghost tours that will take you there. But one spot you can visit yourself is the Boston Athenaeum. A thief named James Allen had his life recorded in a book and then bound in his own skin. And you can visit that rare book at this independent library. If that doesn't send a chill down your spine, are you even human?!

On the upside, even if you don't feel Allen's spirit you can still admire the library's ornate decor and beautiful architecture. How about sitting on that bench couch for a good Insta pic?


North Adams, MA

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The building has been remodeled and has had many residents, but a new coat of paint doesn't get rid of spirits. The house belonged to A.C. Houghton and his family, the first mayor of North Adams. Supposedly, the place is haunted by the spirit of A.C. and his daughter, Mary. People in the building have heard doors slamming shut and paper shuffling in another room. It's enough to make you shudder.

Kenne, NH

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How would you feel knowing where you sleep is haunted? Huntress Hall is a co-ed dormitory at Keene State College that has the ghost of Harriet Huntress lurking in the shadows. Residents have supposedly heard weird noises in the attic. Supposedly, her wheelchair was kept in the attic long after she passed away and people can hear the sound of squeaky wheels rolling back and forth. What's even scarier is that some people have reported seeing her spirit in the bathroom while they're showering or brushing their teeth!


Newport, RI

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A mansion built back in the 1890s? Haunted? Never. You can take tours of this eerily beautiful mansion, but beware of ghosts and other paranormal activity while you're here! This 60-room castle is full of mystery of intrigue. People have seen apparitions, a possessed statue, and much more. There's armor on display that belonged to a man who died when a spear went through the eye slot. Apparently, people have heard his screams echoing in the halls. Not only that, there's a gigantic mirror in the hallway that everybody takes photos in. Some people have said that they can't see their reflections, but can see images moving back and forth behind them.


Hollis, NH

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You might already find cemeteries spooky, but this one is particularly unsettling. Hollis is home to Pine Hill Cemetery aka Blood Cemetery. It's said that people who are sensitive to feeling spirits have been overwhelmed when they come here. The nickname comes from Abel Blood, a man who was murdered and set to rest in the cemetery. He's often seen asking for help to get back home to his wife. And if stories about creepy ghost children are your thing, there's supposedly a little boy who tries to flag down cars for help but simply vanishes when they stop. Who else is sleeping with a lamp on tonight?!

Salem, NH

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This Salem isn't quite as famous as the one in Massachusetts, but there's something equally as creepy keeping out of sight here. America's Stonehenge is shrouded in mystery. Nobody knows how the all-stone structure came to be. It's quite the maze with man-made chambers and ceremonial meeting places. There's one place that's been dubbed "The Sacrificial Table." People have had differing opinions on what actually haunts the place. People have heard weird noises and even felt a presence staring at them from a distance. One person even saw a pair of red eyes looking right at them.


Rutland, MA

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Enjoy the great outdoors with a side of scary when you visit Rutland State Park. Nestled in the park is an abandoned prison camp that was used to house low level criminals. So no serial killers were ever here. And there aren't any particular ghost stories that come out from this decaying structure, but it is creepy nonetheless. You can explore the buildings that remain, but for goodness sake, do it in the daylight. And bring a friend along just in case. Just because nobody's reported a ghost sighting doesn't mean nothing supernatural has ever happened there!

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Derby, CT

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From the outside, the Sterling Opera House is gorgeous. But the inside is another story. There isn't one tragic story attached to this place, but over the years people have experienced some spooktacular things. One person supposedly saw an apparition of a Victorian woman and her son. Another person saw the handprints of a child around the building. And what adds to the creepy factor? In the basement, there are jail cells. Oh. My. God.


Kennebunkport, ME

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It's hard to believe this elegant bed and breakfast is haunted. But if you're in the area and need a place to rest your head, the b&b has beautiful rooms! But beware if you are staying overnight in the Lincoln suite. A couple was comfortably sleeping until they were woken up by a woman in a nightgown floating through the room.


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Danvers, MA

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Coincidentally, Danvers used to be called Salem Village. Now permanantly closed and off limits, ghost hunters have tried to sneak into the place to see what paranormal activity they could record. While there haven't been any reported ghost sightings, paranormal experts have said that the building manifests the former patients' fears. And you know a place is creepy when it's referenced by H.P. Lovecraft in his work.

Fall River, MA

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Fancy visiting Lizzie Borden's house? Yes, the house where the infamous axe murders occured has been turned into a museum and a b&b. That's right! After you take the tour of the eerie house, you can spend the night there if you choose. According to reviews, people have had pleasant stays there. But one said that the door to her room kept opening and another person saw an apparition on the stairs. But who cares! You will get a great experience and story out of it.


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Coventry, RI

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The Paine House has seen a lot in its many years. It used to be a house, a tavern, and even saw the town's first town hall and election. Now it's a museum, but at night can still seem creepy. There are stories told of a spirit named Sarah who may or may not have passed away in the house and now roams the rooms. This might be a place where you stop the car and take pictures of the outside.


Stowe, VT

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New England is home to several covered bridges. Most are no longer in use, but are still popular and visited by tourists. They can be romantic! You can take your partner here and take some photos of you kissing while on the bridge. But this covered bridge has a scary backstory. Emily was supposed to meet her lover there, but he never showed up. In a fit of rage, she hung herself from the rafters. Supposedly, her spirit can get very aggressive! People have heard tales of claw marks on the side of their cars or inexplicable scratches on people after they walk on the bridge.


Hebrun, CT

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Gay City State Park was once home to an 18th century village that became abandoned after the mill burned down for the third time and after a series of mysterious murders occured. The ruins of the town are now easily found in the state park along the trails. The spirits of the murder victims supposedly haunt the place and other people have seen other spooky sights. One saw a blacksmith holding his head while running through the forest. Others have heard footsteps when nobody was around and other weird noises around the ruins. Other than that, the park has some really nice picnic areas!

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Waterbury, VT

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Waterbury is a town that packs a punch. It's close to the rivers and valleys of the Green Mountains where you can canoe, hike, and go for a picnic. And if you're exhausted from all those activities, you'll need a place to sleep. The Old Stagecoach Inn is a quaint b&b that has experienced paranormal happenings, but nothing is ever done maliciously! The spirits seem to just want to play around with the innocent guests. Furniture is often moved around and a rocking chair starts rocking for no reason. So if you don't mind a few practical pranks from beings from beyond, why not stay here?


Prospect, ME

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A lot of state parks are haunted, huh? Fort Knox is no different and has even been featured on Ghost Hunters! People have supposedly recorded electronic voice phenomena or been touched by spooky spirits here. If you come here as the sun goes down, make sure to bring a flashlight with you. You'll want to bring light to all the dark corners in this place. If you're really brave, the fort gets decorated every Halloween. All the creepiest stuff happens on October 31.


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Johnsonville Village, CT

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This ghost town used to be a thriving community back in the Victorian era. It was purchased a year ago by a church and they hope to rebuild the village! And another fun fact, Billy Joel filmed a music video for "River of Dreams" there too. But aside from creepy abandoned buildings around the area, there really aren't any ghosts living here. Probably. There haven't been any reports about ghost sightings, but you never know what you can find here.

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Glastenbury, VT

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Vermont might have its own version of a Bermuda Triangle. It's called the Bennington Triangle and encompasses a ghost town called Glastenbury. There were a string of disappearances that could never be explained. Some point fingers at a Glastenbury monster that snatched people away in the night. Others are convinced the forests are haunted and some people never made it out alive. Either way, this is the ultimate destination for paranormal fanatics.

Concored, NH

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At first, this place was called The New Hampshire Asylum for the Insane. Even with a name change, this abandoned hospital can still give people the creeps. People who worked there in the past when it was still operating reported hearing footsteps or feeling like they weren't completely alone in rooms. It's probably best you stare from afar. You never know if a presence is lurking outside and will follow you home.

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Assonet, MA

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The Freetown-Fall River State Park is the definition of haunted. It's become a popular place to camp, hike, and bike, but nobody can explain the things they've seen here. People have seen everything from UFOs, to orbs of light, to massive snakes. You never know what you're going to encounter when you're here. So camp wisely and try to record everything you can. That twig breaking might not be because your friend went out the tent to go to the bathroom.

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Dogtown, MA

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Legend has it that this place was home to witches. Now an abandoned ghost town, people can reportedly still feel the spirits of witches and past residents here. There were also a number of hikers disappearing in the area that were attributed to the witches kidnapping them. So are you ready to explore or what?

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