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22 Unique Places To Take A Date In Boston If You Don't Drink

Have fun without the hangover the next day!
22 Unique Places To Take A Date In Boston If You Don't Drink

Believe it or not, you can have a lot of fun without drinking. It can get easy to just do the same kind of date over and over again. Meet at a cool bar? Sure. Order a bottle of wine to share at dinner? Why not. 

But aside from trying to take advantage of happy hour deals, there are so many fantastic places in Boston to take your date that don't include having a drink. And if you aren't drinking, then there's no chance that you'll suffer from an embarrassing mishap. You can leave the sloppiness until another date way down the line.

So here are some teetotaler-friendly spots in Boston to entertain your guest on a fun night out or a relaxing afternoon. Another upside about not drinking on these dates is that you'll be able to remember all of it the next day. Hold onto those memories! And besides, nobody ever likes to kiss someone with whisky on their breath. And you know you want to lean in for that perfect rom-com kiss!


Where: 292 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge

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Who's in for some retro vibes? This is technically a bar, but nobody goes for the drinks. This geektastic place is where you can play pinball, arcade games, Skee-Ball, foosball, shuffleboard, and Xbox! While you're waiting your turn to play, don't miss out on all the fun details like the Super Mario Bros. decals on the wall. So order your water or soda, scarf down the famous grilled cheese sandwich, and get playing!


Bogie's Place 

Where: 21 Temple Pl

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Ready to class it up? Tell your date to get dressed to the nines bceause you two are headed to a speakeasy. Well, it's a speakeasy steakhouse. Bogie's Place is pretty easy to find for a speakeasy — just head behind JM Curley and you'll be greeted with a place that's good enough for Humphrey Bogart. Just make sure you both go to dinner on an empty stomach because those steaks will fill you right up. And don't make the mistake of loading up on appetizers and sides! You'll regret that decision.


Boston Public Garden

Where: 4 Charles St

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Listen, don't ever underestimate a park. A stroll around the lagoon, over the bridges, and underneath the falling leaves is terribly romantic. And you can really get to know someone without the distraction of a loud restaurant. If you really want to step it up a notch, you can have a picnic in the park! Pick a spot right by the water, lay down your picnic blanket, and start eating the feast you've prepared. And for drinks, why not cheers with some sparkling apple cider? It's truly a scene right from a Hugh Grant movie.

Boston Candlepin

Where: 543 E Broadway

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Ready, set, bowl! For some reason, people never think of bowling as an option for dates. Trust me, it's more than a place for families and children's birthday parties. So reserve a lane, make your bets, and start bowling. It's absolutely necessary that the loser has to treat the winner to some ice cream or a donut. Plus, that way you can make the date last longer. Win, win!


Yume Wo Katare

Where: 1923 Massachusetts Ave

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Big bowl of noodles, meet empty belly. Take your date here if you both are looking for some good food with a side of inspiration. When you finish your bowl of ramen, people tell you things like, "Great job!" and "You did it!" And after the meal, you are encouraged to write own your hopes and dreams and hang them on the restaurant's walls. We could all use that kind of positivity in our lives, right?


Brattle Book Shop

Where: 9 West St

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If your date is Hermione Granger, you take her here. This bookstore has 3 stories of used books, magazines, and rare 1st editions. Don't be too enamoured by the books because you don't want to miss out on the wall paintings! You'll feel like you're walking through the Beast's library from Beauty and the Beast or even the library at Hogwarts.


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Where: 6 Clearway St

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A convenience store? For a date? Nah, don't worry. We wouldn't do that to you! There's a shoe retailer hidden right behind an entrance that's disguised as a convenience store. You can definitely pick up some toothpaste and some chips on your way out, but only after you've at least checked out the amazing sneaker collection here.



Where: 200 Massachusetts Ave

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The Mary Baker Eddy library houses an extraordinary stained-glass globe. So forget the books and head straight here. When you enter, you are greated with music and LED lights that show how the world has changed. There's also an exhibit you can look at that's free! It shows you letters, artifacts, and documents that were never made public before.


Knight Moves Cafe

Where: 1402 Beacon St, Brookline

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This is where you take your date to meet your friends. You will all be too busy playing board games that there won't be time to go through all the awkward small talk. Besides, you really get to know someone when they're under pressure of winning at Settlers of Catan. Who needs a drink to get rowdy and shouty when you're trying to figure out why your teammate isn't stepping up?!


Caffé Vittoria 

Where: 290-296 Hanover St

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This is Boston's hidden gem. Tourists are busy flocking to other restaurants and cafes, but they are missing out on this one. It's Boston's first Italian caffe and you'll feel like you've been transported back in time with Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin playing in the background. If you come here, you can't leave without grabbing coffee to go with your cannoli. And if you're feeling extra naughty, grab a biscotti to go!


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Corey Hill Park

Where: Summit Ave, Brookline

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Boston is home to many parks, but sometimes they can be too crowded. Head here if you are looking for some peace and quiet with your date. You can see the city skyline from here and it's the perfect place to take a walk or sit on a park bench and talk.

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Where: Various locations around Boston

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You're going to win points for originality. Invite your date to a Daybreaker event! They start bright and early with a yoga session and then an epic dance party happens right after. You'll know you've got the perfect person when they willingly show up to sweat and look crazy in a crowd dancing to loud music before heading to work.


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Flour Bakery + Cafe


@insideflour_southendembedded via

No cameras or competition here. You can spend quality time with your date while learning how to bake! The bakery offers several different classes that are themed around the seasons. In the fall, you can learn how to make sticky buns, pumpkin pie, and more! This can be your own version of The Great British Bake Off. And instead of going out to eat pumpkin pie, you can eat the one you made. All that hard work will make it taste even better!


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Cambridge Center Roof Top Garden

Where: 4 Cambridge Ctr

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Sometimes, scheduling dates can be hard. If you happen to both be working in the downtown area, head here for a quick lunch date! Or you can meet up here after work to relax and tell each other about your days. The roof top garden has picnic tables and well-maintained grassy areas for you to sit and chat.


@aluschenembedded via

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L.A. Burdick

Where: 220 Clarendon St

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Cozy vibes live here. If you are looking for a lowkey date, this place is waiting for you. You will at least spend 5 minutes trying to decide which dessert you want and then another 5 minutes debating if you made the right choice or not. Have no fear because haven't you heard that you should always help yourself to seconds? L.A. Burdick is famous for their hot chocolate so warm yourselves up with a cup or two!


@naramikiembedded via

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Where: Boston Public Market

@secretbostonembedded via

Are you the next Gordon Ramsay? Find out at The KITCHEN! Located conveniently in the Boston Public Market, you can bring bae here to attend classes and workshops on how to make all different kinds of food. You two are well on your way to taking over the culinary world if you know how to bake and cook! And just think about — this date will take you far because you can recreate the dish at home for a romantic evening in.


@bpmkitchenembedded via

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New England Aquarium

Where: 1 Central Wharf

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It's always a good time to see some penguins. After you two are done dying inside from cute penguins, make sure to head over and see the trainers feed and train the seals. Hold hands and walk around trying to find Nemo and Dory and then make sure you check out one of the movies playing in the IMAX theater. Yes, that's a good time to put your arm around your date!


Inman Oasis 

Where: 43 Hampshire St

@blainlessembedded via

One aquatic date coming right up! Skip all the bells and whistles of an expensive spa experience and head here for a relaxing afternoon in the hot tubs. Float and chat while you relax your aching joints from a hard day of work. You might have to talk a little bit louder over the jets, but it's worth it. You can even book a private hot tub session for some extra cough private time cough.


Boston Common

Where: 39 Tremont St

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Enter the park and forget you're right in the city. It's the perfect place to set up shop and watch the sunset as you're busy chatting away about Netflix and food. You know, the two pillars of life. If you're lucky, you can catch a live performance of a musical act. And if it's getting colder, you can even go skating on the water! So choose a day when you're looking to stop binging The Office and head on over.

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Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Where: 25 Evans Way

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Even if art isn't your thing, you need to come here. This museum has a massive collection of paintings, sculptures, and tapestries. So feel free to walk through it, but the highlight of the museum is the plaza located right in the museum. It's a beautiful garden that most people overlook. And after you're done being cultured for the day, head over to the cafe for a quick bite. That's a pretty sweet Saturday date!


Brooklyn Boulders

Where: 12A Tyler St

@mariita2711embedded via

As the famous philosopher Miley Cyrus once said, "Life's a climb, but the view is great." Challenge your date to see who can climb to the top first! If your relationship can handle a bit of friendly competition, you know you can make it. After your arms are aching and you can barely move, eat some pizza because you deserve it. That is if you can even bring the slice up to your mouth to eat it!



Where: Waterfront

@charismanguyenembedded via

Breathe in that sea air with your beautiful date. Hold hands and walk along the harbor as you watch the sky changing colors above you. There are tons of attractions there, but it never feels crowded or loud. You'll get a peaceful and secluded walk in while you engage in some happy and intimate conversations.

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