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24 Things To Do In New England That Aren’t Going To A Patriots Game

Neverending fun in New England? Oh, it's guaranteed.
24 Things To Do In New England That Aren’t Going To A Patriots Game

The love and support one has for the Patriots never goes away. And does the fuzzy feeling of seeing them dominate every year ever go away? The answer is no. But even if you've committed to glueing yourself to the couch to watch every single game they play, there's still time for you to go out and explore everything New England has to offer.

New England is especially beautiful in the fall. Haven't you noticed the increase in photos of people posing among the fall foliage? So get yourself out there and do the same thing! Flood their feeds with your own version of the photo.

You just have revive that good old group chat and convince your friends that it's worth it to take a road trip. Spend a day blasting the radio, creating new memories, remembering old inside jokes, and get some great photos out of your trip. So go ahead and add these items to your bucket list. Tom Brady won't mind. 

Smugglers' Notch

Where: Jeffersonville, VT

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Come on, you have to go because of the name. Most of Smugglers' Notch is in the Mount Mansfield State Forest. You should go here if you've been itching to get away from the city and want to go to somewhere that's Narnia-like. Go for a hike and while you're trying to distract yourselves from being tired on the walk, play a game of "Would You Rather?"

If you want, you can stay at Smugglers' Notch Resort. It's right in the area and has a variety of rooms for you to stay in. The resort offers a ton of activities and guided walking tours too!


Kent Falls State Park

Where: Kent, CT

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Adopt that hipster look when you go chasing waterfalls. Wearing a beanie and a plaid shirt will only help you blend in for that "I know what am I doing and I look good while doing it" look. It's very easy to go look at the waterfall. The hike there isn't far at all and there's even a path leading up to the top of the waterfall. Apparently, it's a tough climb but worth it for the view.

Plimoth Plantation

Where: Plymouth, MA

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History's more fun with actors, don't you think? This is a living history museum that is a replica of the original settlement of Plymouth Colony back in the 17th century. As you walk around, you'll see actors dressed in the old fashioned garb and they never once break character when you talk to them! When you enter the different buildings, you'll see demonstrations of cooking food from that time and you'll also get to engage in some interactive activities.


Camden Hills State Park

Where: Camden, ME

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Oof, look at that view. This state park has trails that can take you to Mount Battie and Mount Megunticook. When you come here, any trail you choose is the right one because you'll get to see Penobscot Bay. The color of the water and the color of the leaves makes for one heck of a photo. If you can, try and make it to the top to watch the sunset because that's one experience you'll never forget.

Merck Forest and Farmland Center

Where: Rupert, VT

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This place is open daily and it's free admission! It's run by a non-profit organization and allows the public to hike the trails in the forest and to check out the farm and animals there. You can even stay on the property in one of their log cabins. This could be the perfect getaway for you and your partner if you're looking for a quiet weekend away surrounded by nature. The place is also very dog friendly so bring along your furry friend for some fun too!


Mount Washington Cog Railway

Where: Bretton Woods, NH

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You've probably never been sightseeing like this before. Taking the subway is one thing, but to be on a train like the old days? This is something else. This railway train will take you right up to the summit of Mount Washington! It's about an hour ride each way and you also get an hour to explore the mountain. Doesn't it sound appealing to sit while you climb the mountain instead of actually getting out and doing it? Your body will thank you.


Bridge of Flowers 

Where: Shelburne Falls, MA

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Can't you picture a rom-com being filmed here? This beautiful bridge is covered in thousands of bulbs and flowering shrubs every year. As you cross over the bridge, make sure you take in the view of the river because you're probably still focused on all the flowers in front of you. The bridge is open every day from April to the end of October, so get there while you can!


Mount Greylock State Reservation

Where: Lanesborough, MA

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The hike to the summit of Mount Greylock is worthwhile. The Jones Nose Trail is about 8 miles round trip and is fairly easy besides the distance. You should probably anticipate the reservation being very busy as it's become quite popular over the years. But the trek out here for a day trip is something you shouldn't miss out on. There's also Monument Tower where you can climb over 80 steps to see 360 degree panoramic views.

Wachusett Mountain

Where: Princeton, MA

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This place becomes forgotten when it's not winter, but it's worth the trip in the other seasons. Just because it's a ski resort doesn't mean the place shuts down after winter. You can still take the chair lift and get a fantastic view of the mountain! There are trails for you to go biking and hiking here too. But if you want a lowkey and chill day, just ride the chairlift. Seriously, it's worth it.


Great Vermont Corn Maze 

Where: North Danville, VT

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This maze is legit. It's no joke. It covers 24 acres and it's about a 2+ hour hike. The maze is also located in a cornfield on a hill, so there's even some elevation to consider when you embark on solving this puzzle. Don't worry about getting dizzy from seeing only corn because there are also fun items to discover while you're making your way through the maze. Have fun! And make it out alive, please!


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Icelandic Horse Farm

Where: Moretown, VT

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Ready to see a whole new world on horseback? This farm offers everything from half-day to six-day treks on Icelandic horses. The tour will take you throughte mountains, meadows, and forests! If you are interested in going the trails, you will need to make a reservation. But if you are down to just hang with one of the oldest horse breeds in the world, stop by at any time!


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The Berkshires

Where: Western Massachusetts

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The Berkshires has so many cute towns for you to explore. It really is a massive area, but sometimes, you just need to pinpoint it down to a region. Go to an orchard to pick apples, head on over to a farm to pick out a pumpkin to carve, or choose a small town to walk around for the day. If you're an adrenaline junkie, Charlemont is home to the longest mountain coaster in New England!


The White Mountains

Where: Lincoln, NH

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Seriously, take advantage of the mountains. Be grateful that you live somewhere where they have an abundance of them! The White Mountains is a place for you to escape the city and enjoy the great outdoors. If hiking to the scenic point aren't for you, there are plenty of amazing picnic spots for you to set up shop and eat. Eat, drink, catch up with friends, and maybe go for a short walk. As long as food is involved, it's not a bad day.

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Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art

Where: Hartford, CT

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Recreate the Ferris Bueller's scene with some friends! You won't find that exact painting here, but still, it's a pretty fun way to spend the day. The collection here is vast and has art from all time periods. If you can, make sure to check out the contemporary art wing. It's really fun and a little more Instagram friendly.


Cadillac Mountain

Where: Bar Harbor, ME

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There's lots to do in the Acadia National Park, but Cadillac Mountain should be your priority. And picture this: How cool would it be if you could convince your friends to come see the sunrise or sunset from the top of the mountain? You'll definitely have to pay them in food and snacks, but it would be worth it!

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The Montague Bookmill

Where: Montague, MA

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Pictures don't do this place justice. It's a used bookstore housed in a gristmill from 1842! The building is also home to a cafe, restaurant, and a record store. It's located right on the Sawmill River and is a serene place for hiding out the rain or snow. There are several reading corners established with comfy couches and chairs just waiting for you to sit and read a book or two. If you go on a nice day, you can sit on the deck and have a snack while you listen to the river.


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Phillip Johnson Glass House

Where: New Canaan, CT

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What's that saying about glass houses again? The Glass House is a historic museum that has become a popular attraction over the years. You can take a tour of the glass house, but the 49-acre property has other structures available for viewing too. There's an art gallery, a brick house, studio, and a sculpture garden.


Rough Point

Where: Newport, RI

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There's no shortage of beautfiful mansions in Newport. But this one is actually open to the public, so your snooping is welcome here! You can take a guided tour through the ornately decorated rooms in the mansion and learn about the life of the mansion's most famous owner, Doris Duke. You can also see her wonderful collection of art in the home too.


Quechee Gorge Bridge

Where: White River Junction, VT

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That view explains why you should come here. Walk over the bridge to see some breathtaking views of the very deep gorge. If you want to get up close to the water, there are well-maintained paths that will take you there. It's not too steep and it's not a rigorous hike down or up. From the bottom of the gorge, you can get a great view of the bridge, which is Vermont's oldest steel arch bridge!

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Sunday River Resort

Where: Newry, ME

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This ski resort has a second life during the other seasons! Instead of zooming down the slopes in skis or snowboards, you can zipline through the trees instead. The resort has six lines that range in length! Some will have you feeling like it barely started and others will have you wondering if it's possible to be in the air for this long.


Gillette Castle State Park

Where: East Haddam, CT

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On the outside it looks like a medieval fortress that's decaying. But each room inside is fully furnished. Honestly, you'll wish you could live here. But the best part about the castle is the stunning view you get from the porch.


Faneuil Hall Marketplace

Where: Boston, MA

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A historic spot in Boston. Come here to see carts selling novelty items, unique boutiques, performs, food stands, and restaurants. The majority of what you'll be doing here is eating so come here on an empty stomach! Explore the inside, but also take time to walk around the outside because that's where a lot of the action happens. You never know what kind of street artists or performers are working on.


Madame Sheri's Forest 

Where: Chesterfield, NH

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The forest has always been mysterious. And you never know what you can find there. Sometimes, it's abandoned villages and other times, it's the ruins of a castle. Come here for a day of adventure! Madame Sherri supposedly held some wild parties once upon a time. You can only imagine the parties, but you can get up to your own mischief when you climb up the steps of what's left of the castle. Just be careful because it can be really slippery when it's wet!

Mary Baker Eddy Library

Where: Boston, MA

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A library is a library until you see this one. Upstairs, there's a three-story stained glass globe. The Mapparium depicts the world through words, music, and LED lights to show how time and geography have changed throughout the years. So, you know, go ahead and skip the library, but you have to come here! It's an Instagram photoshoot waiting to happen.

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