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Brace Yourself, There's A Video Of A Woman Throwing Her Own Sh*t At Tim Hortons Staff In B.C. (Graphic)

An extremely disturbing video surfaced online a few hours ago of a woman attacking Tim Hortons staff in Langley, British Columbia -- with her own poop. 

In the security camera footage, the woman can be seen yelling at an employee behind the counter as customers look on. The video has no sound, but the woman's clearly very angry, repeatedly pointing her finger in the employee's face. 

Via Michael Dempster,

That's when things took a horrifying turn. The woman, while continuing to yell at the staff, grabs a handful of napkins and slams it onto the counter. She starts pulling her pants down, and an employee grabs the phone, presumably to call for help. 

The woman leans against the partition and, in full view of everyone, poops on the floor. As the employees run to the back, she picks it up with her bare hands and pitches it like a baseball, the whole lower half of her body still exposed. 

Via Michael Dempster,

The video ends with her using the napkins to wipe herself, then throwing the used napkins behind the counter too as her grand finale. Then she walks out, making her face visible to the security camera. She appears to be a thin white woman with blonde hair.

No details on the incident have been released by Langley authorities as of yet. We'll be sure to update you as more info becomes available.  

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